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  1. So to start out, my SVT is bone stock. off the line, it pulls pretty good for a 215k mile car, but one im up to interstate speeds it gets a bit sluggish and about 115mph is all it has, My girlfriends LX outruns me on top end lol. i know i have a stuck downstream O2 sensor that i plan on replacing soon along with some colder plugs, new wires, and a new coil. just wondering if theres anything i need to check along with that. I should also mention that i have an intermittent idle hang issue that i have already replaced in IAC for. My next move if the basic maintinence doesnt fix it is to monitor my fuel pressure at high speeds and see if i may have a weak pump but i would think that would affect bottom end performance as well, and i have already replaced the filter. I love the car and plan on building an engine for it hopefully within the next year but its currently my daily so im trying to get the small bugs worked out. Thanks
  2. So to start off, My name is Casey and i have owned a 00' SVT since about april. I was never into contours until i met met my girlfriend about 6 years ago. She has owned a 99 LX for about 10 years and naturally as a car guy, i started to learn more about it and discovered that they were very fun little cars, then of course when i found out that SVT built one, i just had to have it lol. We are currently in the process of restoring and modding hers (i just built a fresh engine and dropped it in last january) and i currently daily my SVT while i build my miata, after which the SVT will go down to be built. Hoping to do some interesting things to both in the future.
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