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    (car is a 1999 ford contour 2.0L auto with 143k miles) to anyone who has experience with the 2.0l zetec, and either has had this problem before or may know a solution plz reply. so I have 3 codes, 2 codes are pretty serious: P1383 cam timing over retarded & P0340 camshaft position sensor malfunction. had the timing redone as well as what ever comes in the kit. car ran good besides running alittle rough the day I picked it up, fast forward a few days and its back to running terribly, it ticks some, disappears when driving. car starts up immediately, and when driving besides the lack of power and slight hiccups at higher speeds it drives fine. im just stumped, there seems to be no solution in sight. started leaking gas the day I took it to the independent mechanic place, cracked fuel pump. 3rd code was P0453  DTV Evap emissions control system pressure sensor high output. 

  2. Sometimes car will randomly not start. When i get in, put the key in the ignition, lights come on, normal, then i turn it all the way to on and wierldly enough the parking brake light comes on, the antitheft light glows red for a sec then returns to flashing, it does nothing. No click no nothing, all the dash lights come on tho. Under the hood u can hear a buzzing sound when the key is turned to the on position, havent really looked for the exact location its coming from. Another thing worth mentioning is, everytime u start it then turn it off it will have a lower and lower rpm level. Will return to its usual 2k rpm start up after an hr of being shut off.


    Edit: it's a 2000 ford contour 2.5v6, auto 125k

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