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  1. I have a 1999 Ford contour 2.0 LX and I need to replace both front struts on my car but I can’t seem to find quick struts anywhere my question is do you have to rebuild the whole front struts or can you buy the whole assembly
  2. So I went too remove the thermostat housing and there is one 40mm bolt remove that pulled on the pcv valve hose and the value came out
  3. No sunroof no windshield that I know of
  4. As the title says I have a leak occurring around the bottom of my passenger side door on my 99 Ford contour and I have tried 100% silicone underneath the lower weatherstripping on the door with no Results and it causes the carpet to get wet and I’ve already replaced the cabin filter so I know that’s not leaking from there when you open the door after a rainstorm you can actually see water sitting on top of the weatherstripping on the inside
  5. Ok thx buckeye is it easier to remove the thermostat housing and go that way
  6. I have 1999 ford contour 2.0 lx and I was reading best way to replace the pcv valve is to remove the exhaust manifold if so is true that the exhaust manifold will not seal right even with an oem gasket also what else should done whole I have access to that part of the motor
  7. I have a 1999 ford contour 2.0 lx with 157,000 miles I purchased the car for $500 and I noticed the check engine light was on so I had it looked at and it came up as “VCT Solenoid Timing Advanced” but the car runs fine idles fine and gets real good gas mileage I was looking at the intensive labor for it and I don’t think it would be worth it I went to a mechanic whom i trust and he said it could possibly needing a new timing belt but how does a bad timing belt affect the VCT solenoid and I don’t think the timing belt had ever been changed on the car at least that I know of btw the car had been setting around for 7-8 months before I purchased it
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