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  1. deneb1592

    New Wheels

    Hello, everyone. I've decided to install a satin black Tis wheels on my rig because I want to improve the overall aesthetic of the exterior. I'll be changing the tires as well but that would be for another time. My concern is that how to properly maintain the satin black finish of my wheels. Is anyone here has an idea or insights on how to properly care and clean wheels made of cast aluminum alloy? I would like to know what items to use to clean them. Thank you!
  2. Hey Erick, I'm just wondering where do you get parts that you need? I found an aftermarket exhaust from 4wheelonline and I'm planning to get one to replace my current exhaust. Not that it is beyond repair but having a new one would be more cost-efficient than fixing it.
  3. Were you able to fix your door issue?
  4. Hello everyone, Daniel here. I joined the forum because I want to improve my family's 1999 Contour SVT back into its top shape. It still running but not there are some problems that need to be fixed. Hope this community can help especially when it looking for the parts needed.
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