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  1. It's not that I'm not used to country roads... I'm just not used to going 110 on country roads...lol It was a good time though... Got to see a really clean red svt...nice looking car...
  2. at least there were huge gains on numbers and I'm sure it runs better
  3. yeah my car is terrible in the snow...had to start in 2nd gear most of the time...there was so much snow here where dom and I are that my car was like a plow if i could get it to go...lol all I did was push the snow in front of me around...
  4. the best thing for you is to switch those cams out. then that thing will go like crazy...
  5. no there are no heated mirrors on that thing believe me...lol i replaced on of the mirrors on the passenger door and there are no wires...
  6. spike

    Heated seats??

    yeah I saw that one too... I also saw an svt with no sunroof...but that does exist...
  7. hey dom is it a bad idea to pull the chip...just to feel the difference in the two tunes?? just wanted to show someone at work what a difference it made...they only rode in it after the tune...
  8. that would work but you could also use one from a cougar...thats what i have in mine...not sure what year...
  9. ok i think i may know what i would do with a flip chip now that i have driven this thing in the all out snow...i would have had a separate tune with WAY less torque so i could actually get traction in the snow...lol first gear is useless... i can't wait for the warmer weather... dom we may need to take your trailblazer tomorrow when we go look at the shop.
  10. the only thing about that is that you probably have to pay the same price for a tune...three times. that can probably get pretty expensive. I'd rather have one tune and use the other money for tranny and suspension upgrades...
  11. didn't we have to modify something on the headers too?
  12. hmm...what if I ever wanted to sell it...lol jk...it would only take one trip around the block for that thing to be sold...lol
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