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  1. Name: Ford Contour GL (1995) Date Added: 24 June 2005 - 01:20 AM Owner: djc5581 Short Description: My beater Custom CAI Added rear dome light from mystiques View Vehicle
  2. Name: Ford Contour SE (1998) Date Added: 24 June 2005 - 01:09 AM Owner: djc5581 Short Description: 1998 Contour SE Sport, 17" rev XII rims, AAS C-27 body kit, CF1 Carbon fiber cowl hood, 35% tint www.cardomain.com/id/iwishihadasvt View Vehicle
  3. djc5581

    Windowing tinting

    gerdys will only go as dark as 35%, so if you want darker dont go there lol
  4. djc5581

    Engine Wire Harness...

    y only 95-97?? i got early 98 and my low coolant light is always on?? its kinda annoying. :box
  5. djc5581

    Windowing tinting

    i'm in MN also i got my 35% all around done at gerdy's on co. rd. 42, they did great work and very timely it was 230 after taxes. hope that helps.
  6. djc5581

    wisdom teeth out

    ya i need all 4 pulled and the 2 in front on bottom:( 6 teeth pulled, thats gonna suck
  7. So what is exactly the difference between the normal 2.5 and the svt 2.5 i know the 98.5+ svts have 205 and normal 2.5s have 170? what is difference?
  8. djc5581


    Which has got faster times? 98 cavalier 2.2 mtx or contour atx duratec?? :box
  9. djc5581

    How many people got tomorrow off?

    i do but dont wanna be unemployment :box me
  10. djc5581

    Moderator openings!

    not to be off topic or argue or anything, but i got a 98.5 and a dash clock. car was manufactured in 10-98, makes it a 98.5 correct???
  11. djc5581

    Where's everyone from?

    Minnesota here, dont wanna be though we just got bout 4 inches of snow AND ITS NOT STOPPING!!!
  12. djc5581

    amp locations?

    If i had 450 bucks for subs i'd get Eclipse subs you probably could get 2 10's for that, and the two 600 watt amps probably would work perfect. And for mounting the amps i would mount them on the box, or if you have fold down seats i have mine mounted on passenger side fold down, and i drive around with that side down cause my amp glows. Just my 2 cents.
  13. djc5581


    Im close i pay bout 4500 a year, damn loan. Oh ya with a clean record for the past 3 1/2 years!!!!
  14. djc5581


    Cheap HP Do those cheap $20 dollar fuel/air ratio chips, that u see on ebay really work?
  15. djc5581

    cheap exterior touches, niceties, mods, add-ons...

    nice pics, i tried the headlights but couldnt get any adhesive to stick water tight??? any ideas, that ford emblem in your steering wheel is awsome whered ya get it??

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