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  1. Thanks for the reply's. Terry, I will try this. When I locked the car while driving via the lock button, the doors unlocked themselves a few minutes later. Does this sound like its that problem? We have had sustained temperatures in the teens this week, so maybe...
  2. So my '98 SVT has been unlocking itself over the past few days. I've walked out to the car a few times and the car is not locked, although I always lock it. Tonight while driving it unlocked itself (all four doors at once) twice, with varying intervals between the initial lock and freaky auto unlock. I have searched and couldn't find anything. Kinda spooked by it. Any ideas? Thanks! Landon
  3. Hi all, I had a few questions regarding some general maintenance for my '98 CSVT. 1. I found the place that sells the little plastic gear for the sunroof for ~$55. Is this the only vendor or are there more options? 2. I viewed the TSB about the water leaking into the floorboard when it rains. What can be used to plug the hole in the inside bottom of the door? I was a little unclear about how to go about that. It really dumps the water in the passenger side when it rains hard, and usually is worse if the car is parked on a slight slope. Was curious if anyone had performed the fix successfully. 3. Last, my blower/fan smells of an electrical burn if it is turned to the 3rd speed or higher. Is this just a sign of a fan going out and in need of replacement? Thanks for your help.
  4. Name: Mini Cooper (2003) Date Added: 27 January 2007 - 11:17 PM Owner: latterlon Short Description: 2003 MINI Cooper S Black on black/space grey cloth S/C I4 6 speed Getrag Premium Package Cold Weather Package Sport Package Convenience Package Harmon Kardon stereo Park distance control front & rear foglights Wife's car! View Vehicle
  5. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 04 November 2004 - 05:07 PM Owner: latterlon Short Description: Daily driven...and very fun View Vehicle
  6. I will try with a 6 point socket and some more PB Blaster. The 12 point socket was slipping off the nuts. Thanks for the help.
  7. I am in the middle of replacing my parking brake cables. I am trying to loosen the sheet metal nuts on the screws that hold on the heat shield. They won't budge, even after PB Blaster. I guess the only option is for them to break, so what is typically used to re-attach the heat shield? Your replies are greatly appreciated.
  8. That is hilarious. It drives me crazy that they always begin with "What year and model of car..." to have to find anything. Tip to everyone....I always search Autozone, Advance, whoever's website, find the part I need, write down the number and go to the store and hand them the part number. I try to be patient, but sometimes, it's just frustrating. Now try to go and get parts for your Chevy S-10 with a V8 in it. That was an ordeal when I had that truck.
  9. For me, it comes down to the lesser of three evils. So, it looks like McCain for me. He is liberal for a Republican, but the one thing that really scares me about him is his history of wanting amnesty for the illegal aliens. That would be a monumental catastrophe in my opinion. Anymore time for a Clinton in office is too much. Plus the damage of creating a government run health care system would be done, not that she could actually get anything done. The bureaucratic mess would be a nightmare to undo. Above all, I believe a strong military right now is key, and that is something that McCain would not back down from. But yeah, the selection is rather dismal. hey Terry, could you tell us, truthfully, what your experience/opinion is on government health care (i.e. Great Britain)?
  10. no offense taken. I do agree that pollution will have some effect on the earth, just not to the overnight/kneejerk effect that is put forward by some. Like I said, its great to make more efficient vehicles, lets just not get rid of all the fun cars. The article says that Aston Martins would be banned, how many people do you know that drive an Aston?! Compare that to the number of people you know who may drive a Silverado, Tahoe, Expedition, etc....
  11. I have the H&R and Bilstein setup. Its been on since November 2004 now. The Bilsteins are significantly stiffer than the BAT struts, how do they compare to the SPAX struts? I have always been a little dissatisfied with the amount of drop in the back with the H&R's. Another 1/2" lower would be great. I've hit several major potholes resulting in a loud BANG, but everything seems to be holding up fine. The other site had a lot of chatter about the BIlsteins not allowing the car to be lowered as much because they are so stiff (around the time I bought mine.) This never made sense to me, since even with a stiff strut, you can still compress it with you hand. The springs are supporting the car, not the struts.
  12. The entire "man made global warming" front is simply a trojan horse for certain individuals to gain control. Control over the way you eat, play, sleep, work, etc... Its sad that so many gobble up the propaganda. As far as I'm concerned, anyone should be able to drive whatever car they want. It is great that automakers are now making more efficient vehicles, but its not the governments (CAFE) place to enforce it. Seriously, how can anyone believe that we, in the past century or so of industrious output, could affect the environment so drastically? If you have ever been in the middle of a tornado or the like, you have a pretty good idea of the power of nature. Remember, much of North America used to be covered by glaciers.....
  13. back in the day DTMPower.net was really good. I would try E90fanatics.com for what your Dad has bought, it should help out pretty well.
  14. The Sky is the better platform, especially the Redline. They are a little overstyled IMO, but look better than the Crossfire. Plus with the Sky, you can always do this....
  15. So...its an E39 with E60 headlights and taillights, an Audi grill with S6-esque LED markers and an E36 M3 Vader seat? I pray that in stock form it was a 540i and not an M5.
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