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  1. Name: Ford Contour SE (1995) Date Added: 16 December 2004 - 01:56 PM Owner: carraudio Short Description: The car needs a little work, but then again I am going to do a little work to it. View Vehicle
  2. The grills don't just pop off you have to take out all the screws in the panel to take the entire thing off
  3. Well I got it all in today. it isn't prety but it kind works for now until I get my box built. I will take it to the shop down the street to see how loud it is. Now when I post the numbers tomorrow remember this is onl a 800w MAx amp running these monster subs.
  4. Bump is not the word for it in my case.
  5. So I picked up my 98 SVT for free from a friend because my other car was stolen. Well I got the car back yesterday and the stereo system is still in it so we are taking it out to put in this car. So here it is... (2) Boston 12" G5 subs in a custom box (1) Boston Pro60 in the front (1) Boston SX65 in the rear (1) Boston GT-40 4ch amp (1) Boston GT-22 2ch amp 800w MAX Clarion CD player for now until the new Eclipse CD7200 mk2 is out and a PG processor this will be gone once I have the CD7200 This set up was loud in my Taurus so we will see what it will do in the SVT I will get pics as it goes in and a reading once it is done. I can't wait
  6. Ya tell me about it I got a real job. Alot has gone down in my life in the past 2 years it has been crazy.
  7. Where do I start. Have have been here for a few years now. I took a break from all this because of work. I have had two 95 SE and loved the hell out of them. Then I got My 99 Taurus SLO and did alot of work to it and my 95 SE. My 95 has been gone for a while now. I had my 99 Taurus up until March 4th when some turd stole it. Well I had a friend that I had been asking for years to sell me his 98 SVT he kept telling me he would when he got a new car. Well weeks before my car was stoen he ofered to sell it to me. I thought about it. But when my car was stolen I called him to see what he wanted for it. He told me if I swapped the stereo systems from the SVT to his 08 SS I could have the car. SO I am the proud owner of a 98 SVT now. Yesterday the cops called me to tell that my car had been found 2 days later only 6 blocks from where it was taken. I was thinking the stereo system in it was going to be stripped out of it. It took them 39 days to tell me it had been found. I went to go get it yesterday and everything but the face plate for the CD player was there. The Boston G5 subs the two Boston amps and everything else was still there. I have been blessed.... So how has everyone been???
  8. So I have ordered my wires from Knukonceptz.com. KAR2-6M Karma Kable 2 Channel RCA Kable 6M 3 $13.50 $40.50 KOL1/0BKS Kolossus Kable 1/0 Black/Silver Power Wire 4 $2.25 $9.00 KOL1/0RS Kolossus Kable 1/0 Red/Silver Power Wire 16 $2.25 $36.00 KOL4BKS Kolossus Kable 4AWG Black/Silver Power Wire 8 $0.99 $7.92 KOL4RS Kolossus Kable 4AWG Red/Silver Power Wire 8 $0.99 $7.92 BT-104N Negative Battery Terminal 1 $12.00 $12.00 BT-104P Positive Battery Terminal 1 $12.00 $12.00 KAR08BLS Karma 8AWG Speaker Kable 6 $1.50 $9.00 Sub Total: $134.34 Tax: $0.00 Shipping: $12.99 Discount: $0.00 Total: $147.33 They will be here in the 8th. I will start work on my sub box this weekend. Audiobahn specs for the sub is... Air Space 3.5 Cu.Ft. Sub disp. .47 Cu.Ft. Port disp. .153 Cu.Ft. Total 4 Cu.ft. It will be tuned to 35hz Here is what I have for box size for two of these monsters. Width 37" Height 20" Top 20.5" Bottom 26" With a partition and 3/4" MDF should give me 8.09 Cu.Ft. and someone once told me I would be lucky to get 5 Cu.Ft. out for my trunk I will be useing this post as the project starts to take shape. So keep an eye out for it.
  9. The problem with your lights and all that is the battery and not the alternator. My first Contour did the same thing to me when I put a system in it. You don't need a yellow top but I would get one they are well worth the money. You do need a new battery either way. The cross over should be set at about 80hrtz-100htz. With the MDF I would either put rubber feet on it or some kind of carpet or rubber under coating on it. I would pull the subs away from the back of the seat about an inch, because it could start to rattle.
  10. This is my amp rack that is mounted in the rear of the trunk. The amps were on the rear seats but I didn't like how tight of a fit they were.
  11. I have been tiring to get job as an installer at one of the shops here in town, but they have been going through some drama. I have never made a box so the guy who wants to hire me asked it I knew how and I told him I could do it but I never have. So he put me to work and let me make a box for my Taurus. Keep in mind I have never made a sub bow. This box sounds so much better then the sealed boxes I had my subs in before.
  12. Most of the time I use my superford account.
  13. I used scratch X on mine and they look great! I have done the outside on this shot This is done.
  14. What do you guys think of the new Moble 1 oils they have come out with, 5000, 7500, and 15,000 mile oils. Do you think they are that good? http://www.mobil1.com/USA-English/MotorOil/Oils/Oils.aspx
  15. Thats all it was. Thank you everyone for your help.
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