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  1. Just picked up a 2013 Escape SEL with the 2.0L Eco-Boost engine. Black on black, 4WD, and the tow package. It is pretty sweet. Going to be driving from Ohio to NC in a few days so that will be the first real test of the vehicle. I had the entire front end wrapped in some 3M clear protective film to keep stone chips from being a problem. On another note, I still have my 1995 Contour SE. It has just been sitting in storage for almost 8 years now and I think I am ready to sell it and all related parts. Has 111,927 miles on it.
  2. since my car has not seen the light of day out from under the cover in like almost 6 years here is how it looks on the inside. I removed the AV system and the wires are everywhere.
  3. I am in Fayetteville. My Contour is not here though. But if you are ever in this area feel free to hit me up... Ben
  4. I finally made it back from spending one year with no breaks in Iraq. Have to go back to finish the rest of the 15 month tour soon, but for now I am enjoying every minute of it!!! -Ben
  5. Thanks Terry.....good info. The car has about 57, 500 miles on it. and it is 6+ years old of driving daily. Just figured this would be a slight upgrade and the kit is actually a decent price for all.....
  6. I ordered a full set of springs, shocks and dampers and rear sway bar to install on my wife's Focus SE when I come home on leave next month. It is the stock OE SVT stuff. I also got new upper strut bearings. This should be easy and fun to do....It is supposed to lower it about a half inch or a little more after settling. -Ben
  7. You would be surprised how many high paying tax free civilain jobs there are over here. There are hundreds of basic jobs and many more higher skill jobs that pay way over 100K.... and as a civilain working here, you can opt to go home at any time.
  8. That has to be a typo.....that is way to cheap.
  9. It is just sitting there all covered up waiting for my return.
  10. I have an early production 95 SE with many many upgrades...I don't drive it, yet alone see it more than a few days a year. It has about 112K miles. I would say in the past 3 years it has had less than 50 miles put on it. I don't have the car in NC...still up in Ohio.
  11. I will be back for good before Feb....but I have R&R coming in the next few months....Oh yeah. I can't wait.
  12. I live in Fayetteville, but I am currently deployed right now....... -Ben
  13. If there is some of the bleeder valve sticking out of the hole, then after it soaks is PB blaster overnight take a set of needle nose vice grips and clamp them on the end that is sticking out very tightly and then proceed to turn......just a suggestion. -Ben
  14. There was only one thing missing from that lineup.....a sweet ass pre-98. I can't wait to get back and get my car out again. We do have a new Explorer to drive over here in Iraq though. It is an American version too.
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