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  1. Hey guys...looks pretty quiet in here! Just wanted to make a quick post in case there's anyone around with any memories of this car. Woogieman bought this car from Mosh several years ago, already converted. Woogieman started having problems with it and unfortunately never got it figured out before he passed away last year. His wife just passed it to me. I haven't worked on it at all yet, but it does start and run. It's super rich, leaving a cloud of smoke and an exhaust mark on the ground. It also hunts up and down for idle but can't figure it out. I've done really no troubleshooting. We just towed it to my house. If anyone has any information at all that can help, or can point to the whereabouts of Mosh, it would be appreciated.
  2. shotwell

    PNW Contour Spring Meet 2017

    Finally...meet photos! Courtesy of Groovenerd https://goo.gl/photos/igMhFt1E61WcQmpG8
  3. shotwell

    Dynoed my 3L

    Very nice! I bet that thing really goes. I would expect you will pick up at least 20hp with a tune, especially with your exhaust. Did you change the cams in your 3L?
  4. shotwell

    PNW Contour Spring Meet 2017

    Need to be at LeMay at 10:00 5/13. Definitely need to caravan up, just in case one of us breaks down. Hey, it's happened before. We need to just kidnap Bill. Seems to be the only way he'll make a meet! I'll be driving a very clean green SVT up. I'm trying to find a car for you to drive up PDXSVT. Unfortunately only one of Groovenerd's is running currently, so I'm looking at other options.
  5. shotwell

    PNW Contour Spring Meet 2017

    We need an entire "whatever happened to" thread. I can think of a few! mondeoman is always working! I hope he has stock options in that place. I'll get with Groovenerd...have his cell #
  6. shotwell

    PNW Contour Spring Meet 2017

    Count me in for sure!
  7. shotwell

    Cassandra has a new home!

    A Portland local Anthony has taken possession of my '95SE, better known here as Cassandra. Lance Kinley sold me this car several years ago. Lots of work has been done to keep this a running car, most notably receiving SVT heads and camshafts earlier this year. Some headers rounded off that installation and it runs great! Even Lance was impressed. Anthony also owns another '95SE and had been looking for an SVT when I offered this to him. I remember his response being something like "Really?!" Anyway he's a very enthusiastic owner and I have no doubt she's in good hands. As for me, I'll continue to be part of the group whether I own a Contour or not. I have always enjoyed the camaraderie of the owners of these cars. I'll likely continue to host meets and offer my shop space for various Contour projects. (There are still five of them on my property!)
  8. shotwell

    Remembering the Woogieman

    Memories of this guy...man, where do I start? Always a warm and friendly greeting. Big hugs and a big smile. GREAT conversation...good sense of humor. He always laughed at my dumb jokes! Many of you have heard the story of the fun ride we (Woogieman, Aussie Ford and myself) were taking in Cassandra that resulted in a less fun speeding ticket. We had just got the car all straightened out and I was showing off! He had his '95 3.0 (pictured above) over that day. We were going to go out for a spin in that next, but having a ticket in the bag already that night we passed. I remember all of the times he missed meets and turned down invites to my many BBQs. It was ALWAYS because he was doing something with his kids. I have a lot of respect for that answer. He was always a father first.
  9. shotwell

    August 20th Meet in the Portland Area

    Mine are all open so far, as long as it's on a Saturday.
  10. shotwell

    August 20th Meet in the Portland Area

    It would have to be very upcoming...in a month or so those roads will be closed again
  11. shotwell

    August 20th Meet in the Portland Area

    I hope so, at least! We used to have several meetings a year. I think our current member population can support more than we're doing.
  12. shotwell

    August 20th Meet in the Portland Area

    Marty took a lot of pictures at this meet. I'm trying to get them from him but we've both been busy.
  13. shotwell

    August 20th Meet in the Portland Area

    Unfortunately the majority of the banter and photo swapping is happening on Facebook these days. I'll try to get photos from Marty. I know he took a lot of them.
  14. shotwell

    August 20th Meet in the Portland Area

    Good meet guys! Hope we can get some photos up.
  15. shotwell

    Taking a drive to Surrey, BC tomorrow...

    I didn't actually make it. It turned out to be a not so good day.

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