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  1. It hasn't sat for the last year but saw little driving before that. The inside face of the drivers side rear rotor has been worn thinner than the external face. There is a constant rubbing sound from this side as well as lots of brake dust. I'm thinking the caliper is stuck. The other side just has the uneven wear on the face of the rotor with a bit of brake dust...
  2. Pardon the extra posts; the file size is large.
  3. A few days ago I started noticing a 'moan/grind' noise from the rear of the car. It is present when applying the brakes. When no pressure is applied to the pedal there is still a noise, a 'chaffing' sound as the wheel rotates like the pads are rubbing. I finally got some time to take some pics today. The rotors are wearing unevenly. There is also some odd patterns not indicative of typical rotor wear. The pads can't have more than 15,000 miles on them. My research also tells me that I could also have an issue with the calipers or e-brake. I'll have time to look under the car later this week. I'd like to get some ideas so I can check everything that might be causing this problem first.
  4. It's been a while since I've been on. I hope everyone is doing all right! I found something interesting.. Me want!
  5. I'd find a good tuner first and get whatever tuning device their most well versed with. Finding a good tuner is more important than which program to go with. Both are good programs from what I've seen. SCT should be more than adequete though and easier to find a good tuner.
  6. Welcome! Post pics of both cars if you get a chance.
  7. What's funny is the failure occurred a day or two after a "fun run" and I'm glad it didn't happen sooner else there could have been a serious accident. The plates I made are a lot thicker than anything I've seen available and are made of steel. They do not deflect at all but that may also be their downfall. The way the strut moves at the top, there is definitely side loading and circular movement. Other setups I have seen have a ball bearing in the top which might be able to be fitted to the plates I have since they are thicker. Either way, if I don't need need them then it's probably better they are not on there.
  8. I'm still waiting to hear from Henry but my research tells me that I do not really need the camber plates since the car is only lowered by about an inch and everything should stay within spec.
  9. I just recently had one of my front BAT struts fail in tension ~0.25" below the lower strut nut on the threaded portion of the rod. I had made new camber plates to replace the thin sheet metal BAT units that had a large depression in them from the top nuts. I remember ordering the shorter nuts that hold the spring pressure since the guys I had do the alignment and install the kit didn't put at least one of them on. The new plates I had made are 0.375" thick across most of the surface with a 0.125" lip supporting the load on the strut tower. I simply removed the old BAT pieces and replaced with the new units I made and re-torqued everything to spec in place. There had been no observable deformation in plates in the few hundred miles I have since put on the car. Has anyone else had this issue or is there something else at issue here?
  10. Swapping in the SVT injectors and ECU will get you close to SVT power. Alternatively, a dyno tune is best.
  11. Looks cool. I had a friend that did that a while back. He said it was pretty fun...
  12. rac74


    There's a company called 'Racebits' in the UK that sells a SS header, IIRC. You might have a look at them as well. My experience with the coating on MSDS is that it is very poor.
  13. That's the one you want. You'll need the timing cover and pulley off of the 3L that is in the car now to go on that one. The oil pan needs mods COP, crank bush, EGR, PCV, etc... You should be good on the fuel system provided the original owner did it properly.
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