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  1. 99SEsport2004

    IMRC Failure

    Alright...Thanks :)
  2. 99SEsport2004

    IMRC Failure

    I was kind of figuring I would have to do that. I'm not sure where to get one. I remember reading something on the other site about some people relocating the box to the firewall but that would require some serious wire splicing, which I don't really wanna get into. I thought of giving Painless Wiring a call to see if they could make me an extension or something.
  3. 99SEsport2004

    IMRC Failure

    Ok, my IMRC seems to be getting worse and worse. I have noticed it takes longer for the IMRC to fail when I don't run the A/C. Today was 87º and within 30 seconds of starting my car and leaving the parking lot at college right as it shifted around 40mph they quit(no a/c runing). It's never failed that fast on me! I removed the black plastic cover back in June and it hasn't helped. I kind of know whats going on. I've read about the IMRC failure on contour.org, I just found this site a few days ago... help me.. I'm a college freshman short on dinero!!!!:(

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