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    Ferret II got a reaction from Crystalship1 in Fuel Pump Aftermarket Options   
    Ended up getting a new Ford OEM fuel pump for $99 (dirt cheap) on Amazon (non-Amazon dealer). Kind of freaked out when it came with all identifying features wiped out, although it was advertised simply as "new", with no qualifications. However, we were able to compare it to a OEM pump we'd taken out, and it was OEM; also we found a vintage Ford "F" left on the pump by mistake.
    Since it was advertised simply as "new", after receiving it I asked the vendor about the lack of identifying featuers, and they said that it was part of a Factory Surplus sale, and this was part of their agreement with Ford. They are a pretty big vendor, with mostly pretty good reviews (on Amazon and Ebay), and they did offer to take it back (though they weren't sure about covering return shipping, and I haven't followed up). They said the original Amazon description mentioned it was factory liquidation, but Amazon had inadvertently, or mistakenly, changed the description to simply "new".
    We'd needed to install it for various reasons, and it has been working fine for some time. In fact, I actually bought two of these in the first flush of excitement at finding this "deal", then grew very suspicious and worried right after ordering them, given the low price. Looks like we'll probably be keeping the second one as a spare, as intended, since the first is working fine. On both the Ford OEM fuel pumps we've replaced it's been the sending unit, by the way, that wore out (rather than the pump), causing a fluctuating fuel guage needle.
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    Ferret II got a reaction from SVTDEMON in Car Batteries?   
    Hi. I usually buy Sears Diehard Gold, and they almost always have one or two 40R batteries in stock, which is what both my cars take. The Sears God runs about $100, but they have a 3-year replacement warranty, pro-rated up to 100 months total warranty.
    I just bought a new one and got $55 off because mine died at 4 years, which is about what I'd expect for a 2.5 liter engine stuffed into its engine compartment = high heat. Sears tried to wiggle out of honoring the warranty, but for various reasons I stuck to my guns and they gave in.
    Anyway, I just replaced the battery yesterday, and I also called Autozone and O'Reilly's; they had 40R batteries in stock, but with a shorter warranty (i.e. 2-yr replacement). Their three-year warranty batteries were a few inches too long. Considered Les Schwab, too, but it was Sunday and they were closed.
    My last Diehard Gold went 6 years; my dad swore by these and I'm sentimental :) Little bro', though, just got a Costco battery for much less for his '99 Maxima (3 liter engine with roomier engine compartment).
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    Ferret II reacted to Aussie Ford in Hey Aussie......   
    Your end link that needs replacing is it the white or black one ? It seems like usually it is the white one that wears out. Either one takes about a half hour to replace if you count the jacking of the car. We can even do it after work today or tomorrow if that works better for you.
    Like you say we can mess with all that other stuff later.
    A little about 95's. They have so many little things about them that just trying to get my 99 caught up to my 95 has caused no end to all the creature comfort mods. One of my personal favorite ones that really has little practical usage is the green light in the door handle pockets. I just think they are cool especially when they are connected to the dimmer switch.
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    Ferret II reacted to shotwell in Blue Devil and a certain very sick SVT Contour...   
    For some time my SVT has been having cooling issues. It's been getting worse steadily. For a while Bar's Stop leak did the trick. More often lately I had to add a bottle of Bar's just to keep it running smoothly. That all reached a boiling point (literally) a few days ago. Took a gallon of coolant just to go 30 miles and the temp gauge was all over the place. Not good! Revving the engine up with the radiator cap off caused a geyser six inches high!
    Discussions for a 3.0 replacement have long been underway. I've been between pushing the car into the river and fixing it up for some time now. Aussie Ford is strongly on the side of the 3.0, of course. Now seeing (and hearing) another 3.0 Contour in action has me swinging that way again. The addition of Cassandra to my stable of cars has not only saved my bacon but renewed my interest in these cars. The only reason a 3.0 can't happen right now is lack of money.
    Back to the SVT. There is a certain head gasket sealer called Blue Devil. Many of you have seen it on the shelves of your local auto parts store. It's really expensive ($60) but guaranteed to work.
    These are the same guys that make White Sheppard oil stop leak (that actually works) so I decided to take the plunge.
    This thread is to chronicle my experience with this product.
    Yesterday I started the process. Pulled out the thermostat. Flushed the coolant until it was clean, then 10 extra minutes. Installed a strong cooling system cleaner and topped off with water. Drove it until it was hot and let it cool (per those instructions). Flushed that out of the system until it was clear +10 minutes. Let the engine cool completely again.
    Next I continued with the instructions on the Blue Devil bottle. They seem silly but I followed them to a T. Cold engine, filled with water leaving enough room for the Blue Devil product. Start the engine with the cap off and pour slowly! Once the product is in replace the cap and let idle for 50 minutes. Take a short test drive. Let cool and replace thermostat, then add coolant to proper level.
    It should be noted that on the test drive the leak was still present. The coolant boiled over like it did before and I was very frustrated. HOWEVER, after the engine cooled I continued with the directions and replaced the thermostat, filled with coolant. What happened next I was not expecting.
    The heater works perfectly. The temp gauge stays in the lower half of the gauge, much like it did when I bought it over 10 years ago. No strange noises, no boiling over. I absolutely cannot believe it!
    Took it for a test drive. A 75 mile test drive. Not a single hiccup!
    So here we are. Mileage today before the test drive: 189,278. I'll make regular posts with the status of this car. If it blows, well, 3.0 time. If it holds...awesome! Here's hoping guys!
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    Ferret II got a reaction from kenfolk510 in Sorta New - Fixing my SE   
    Hi. I was around the Contour forums (mainly
    CEG) some years ago, and kind of drifted away. Been driving a red '95 Contour SE MTX for about 12 years; two SE's, actually. My first was totalled when young, while innocently parked - RIP Cherry Ferret! I got real lucky and found Ferret II - also a '95 red SE MTX, but with the highest trim level. What - remote entry? I didn't know it had that until the guy handed me the keys. And a power seat? Luxury! And only 34K miles - sigh...


    Anyway, F-2 now has 102K miles and I just sunk some major change into putting him right. I'd let him go downhill (nursing a weeping steering rack and letting small noises slide) while halfheartedly shopping for another car. With parts getting hard to come by, and a brittle wiring harness, I didn't think I could keep him going. But nothing quite compared, not even the Subaru WRX I drove. I missed the "Contour feel", that smooth-driving, lean and mean sort of glide through traffic, and the frisky twisties. In the end I couldn't send Ferret II to the "JY", and couldn't sell him with the chewed harness, so with a singing heart I had him fixed! Now he's driving new and I'm in love with driving him all over again.


    I went on blind faith (or hope) I could get the engine wiring harness replaced, and we've made progress that direction - a topic for another post.

    Anyway, it's good to be back on the Contour forums, and I'm glad to find people still around and keeping our great cars on the road!
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