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  1. Name: Mercury Mystique GS (1997) Date Added: 18 February 2005 - 05:42 PM Owner: mystique97 Short Description: This is my 1997 Mercury Mystique, got it on September 12, 2002, just this past fall (Sept./Oct. of 04) got a spoiler from a 99 Stique for it. Stereo mods so far nothing major, JVC Head Unit with tape deck and 12 Disc CD Changer, with 220 Watt 3 way 6x8 Pioneers for the doors. View Vehicle
  2. Wow I haven't been here in a long time, sure has changed, I had to check to see if it was the same site. Since I've been gone I recently got a new car (yes I still have the Mystique) I got myself a 1997 Oldsmobile Achieva 4 door 4cyl auto. It almost has 32K on the clock, and I am the 2nd owner of this car. I bought it off an older lady out of Toledo. So hows it goin everyone?
  3. Ok, everything you just said there made sence BUT it does all work. So I'm gonna try my thermo first to see what happens. Since it's cheapest I can do first.
  4. So your sayin I might need a new low speed fan censor if my thermo isn't the problem? And if this is the case where exactly would this be located. I know where the fan is, of course. When the air is turned on the fan kicks in immediatly btw if this helps any I shoulda posted this a while back, my bad.
  5. Do you want me to drive it or let it idle til it starts to get hot? I experimented with the fans one day I believe the low speed kicked in before it went into the red. Is the low speed fan the closest to the radiator if so, that works fine. High speed fan kicks on too when it gets in between the "L" and the line before the red zone. My G/F's uncle said that it could be the thermostat, and he also said to drain and fill the radiator and run water thru it to see if its clogged up, if that don't help he said I might need a new radiator? Is this a possiblity?
  6. I added some a few months ago. It is fine. I had to add some because I lost some changing the ECT a while back. And of course it got changed when the w/p and t/b got changed. So it's fairly new coolant, 50/50 btw.
  7. Ok my car while idling it gets into the red and you can start to smell coolant and it occurs like 5-10 minutes after driving for like a max of 15 minutes, and when I get on the go again it starts to cool off. I've been told by 4 or 5 people it is the thermostat is this correct? The fans work fine too. And the water pump and timing belt are just a few years old. Thanks in advance.
  8. This is the spoiler I chose for my 97 Stique. Before: After: IMO, this made a big improvement, even my friends seemed to think so.
  9. I'm on Spring Break end of March, my last day of school before spring break the day before Good Friday, that week would be good.
  10. yes it is but you have to change out the headlights, grill, bumper, and fenders, and hood, if that's what your going for, go for it I say, might look good.
  11. gonna post any pics I wanna get a look at this, sound nice.
  12. hey not bad at all I like it actually, looking forward to see more pics. (I'm Jason BTW)
  13. Hm, thats why you be smart and not lock your keys in your car. , and yeah that is a scary thought someone could actually break into your car that way.
  14. Cool can't wait, thanks for the info.
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