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  1. Goonz SVT

    My Car (redefined)

    yes sir, he bought the last set and I was bummed but when they appeared in the classifieds, oh was I on them then :) here are some more..
  2. Goonz SVT

    My Car (redefined)

    Newly added wheels from the black with polised lip to new upgraded 18s 18" Exel TZ-10s in Hyper Dark Gunmetal
  3. Goonz SVT


    you should hear the new Ferrari F-281 with a 2.7L V8..that sounds louder then that :)
  4. Goonz SVT

    Tribute Video

    early productions my friend btw those black rims are sold as of today, you will see the replacement this comming week :)
  5. Goonz SVT

    Tribute Video

  6. Goonz SVT

    Tribute Video

    My car will turn 10 years young november 12 and its still the oldest SVT known yet to anyone with a build date of 11/12/96 enjoy http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2532789919635044662 comments/feedback welcome! I just realized I posted this in the wrong area, mods please feel free to move this :)
  7. Goonz SVT

    My Projectors

    Ive been having huuge problems with hidtech lately so I wouldnt recoment them.. ever since i had got the retrofitt done, somthing just didnt feel right. From day one the passenger side was leaking while the driver side was sealed shut. I tried myself to seal it by finding the bad spot but was unable to do so. SZ came along and I was like whatev I'll deal with it later. I dealt with it too long and finally in august i contacted hidtech again complaining about the leakage. Also at the time because it was hot, the silicone holding my projector onto the reflector was giving way thus making my projectors lose and slightly jitter on bumps. And then in the end the weight of the projector snapped the brittle adjusting mechanism so then I couldnt adjust my projectors and the whole aim went outa whack. I contacted them about that and sent the lights back. Its been 2 months, with the first month they were in contact with me and then this past month they stopped replying to my e-mails. I was shocked because hidtech ALWAYS replied to my emails, even when i had my lights they would follow up on me. I was begining to get scared and sent them countless emails, they just recently emailed me this past friday apologizing for the delay and saying my lights were going out this past monday. At this point i really dont care if they fixed it or not, i just want them back. Pretty much the downfall of this project was that hidtech failed to use proper adjusting brackets, meaning drilling a 3" hole on the reflector and siliconing a projector IS NOT the way to mount projectors. Alex's (pudmunkies) methood of fabricating a custom bracket so that the projector is adjustable along with properly mounted is the way to go. Thats where my projectors fail. The light out put however is still the same..Now im dying to get my headlights back, i cant stand stock halogen lighting oo thought id whore them a little more since I dont have them at the moment but here are some more pics from SZ and other stuff I should be getting my headlights back shortly hidtech FTL!!! <_<
  8. Goonz SVT


    just get brighter fogs. I just put in new Hella's and dammn!! they are twice as bright then my lows..
  9. Goonz SVT

    Rattling Noise

    when I'm in my car, and I would rev it slightly and keep the revs and like 3-4grand, I can hear slight rattle underneath the driverside area. I have no idea what the hell it is. Maybe my catylic converter is goins? heat shield? I have no idea
  10. Goonz SVT

    skyline parts

    I don't think I've seen that car with that mod. I've seen a Contour with a 2.5rs front bumper but surely not a skyline
  11. Goonz SVT

    skyline parts

    dude you posted this on CEG as well. I don't think those lights will look good at all. I mean you can smoke your tailights (thats what I'm gonna do soon) but retrofitting other tail lights especially Skyline, no ciggar my friend..sorry

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