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  1. jw if anyone on here knew the stock 0-60 time of a 99 se sport v6 5 speed.Motor Trend shows 9 seconds for the automatic!!!
  2. First i'll start off by saying i've owned two contours,one rather boring 1997 4 cylinder dogamatic gl,and one fun as hell 98 se sport with the 2.5 and 5 speed,it thoroughly pained me to get rid of the se sport it being one of my favorite cars i've owned in my lifetime,i'm 24 and have owned over 40 cars,but it needed alot of repairs due to neglect of the previous owner,ever since i've searched for another and i've lost out on every one under a grand,now i have an option to buy a 2000 mercury cougar with the 2.5 and 5 speed for just over a grand,it's a very good looking car,147,000 miles loaded,are there any problems these typically have over contours,do they still have wheel bearing troubles like contours or???
  3. all they said was that the first bank was running hotter,i guess i'll have to take it to my nearest dealership,nearest one's over twenty miles away though,will post,when I know something more
  4. bluefever


    I currently have a '98 Se Sport v6 5 speed,it just barely hit 174,000,for a long time now the check engine light has been on,every time a shop looks at it they say the code their pulling is that one bank is running hotter"richer" than the other,they say to just to just drive it because their not sure what could be wrong,it sputters/hesitates/stalls whenever cold,sometimes the idle sticks at various different rpm's,it smells like their's a cat gone bad,i've been told it has 4 and supposedly there's no way to find out which one is gone,can't seem to find any shop that is capable of diagnosing it,any idea's of possible problems?
  5. and i don't know where you got sludge from all i was trying to say was that the oil was really black and the engine has a noise in the cylinder head,how really black oil and a noise in the head points to sludge i have no clue
  6. I don't know where you've got your information from but i've known several ppl to put one less quart of oil and add one quart of transmission fluid and they've gone over 20,000 miles,yes they did change it after 3,000 miles and put just oil in,but they never had any engine failure and in some cases the problem was fixed
  7. I have a '97 Contour with the the 2.0 liter, with 172,000 miles on it, i've been noticing lately that the car make a rattling noise that sounds like it's coming from the cylinder head, the check engine light's on, but i've been told that they come on in these cars for sometimes no reason at all, should i worry about the engine going to crap, the previous owner obviously didn't change the oil, it's all black and looks like there's crud in it. i'm obivously planning on changing the oil, should i try the old backyard fix of a quart of tranny fluid, i used to have a intrepid with a ticking problem and it fixed it after 3 days.
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