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  1. Name: Jeep Grand Cherokee (1998) Date Added: 15 May 2006 - 11:14 PM Owner: J2AutomotiveArt Short Description: Since I needed a tow vehicle for the Bondurant car, and I've always loved the 5.9 Limited Grand Cherokees, it only made sense to buy it. View Vehicle
  2. Name: Ford Mustang (1965) Date Added: 25 March 2005 - 06:54 PM Owner: J2AutomotiveArt Short Description: This is my '65 Mustang, a mint condition example a stripped-down pony car with a V-8. In late '65, the Ford dealership who took delivery of this car held a raffle for this car, and an elderly Wisconsin woman won it for a dollar. The car came with a lot of nice original documents, including her Ford owner's ID card, the manual, and others. The interior is the highlight of the car, since it's nearly 100% original and in like new condition. View Vehicle
  3. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 01 March 2005 - 11:23 AM Owner: J2AutomotiveArt Short Description: Of all the Fords I have driven, none have been as enjoyable on a day-to-day basis as the SVT Contour. Its blend of excellent handling, an incredible exhaust note, and worthless long-term value (translation: easy to purchase) have made it a great car to keep as a daily driver and a toy! View Vehicle
  4. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 29 January 2005 - 07:15 PM Owner: J2AutomotiveArt Short Description: This ex-Bondurant Contour is one of five CSVTs prepped by Roush Industries for the Bondurant School. It's been a local favorite this year in Solo II events held by the Iowa Region and Des Moines Valley Region SCCA clubs. Thank you to my local sponsors (VGM Forbin, Carver Ace Hardware, and J2 Automotive Art) for your contributions to make this car more competitive. View Vehicle
  5. Wow, I actually got chills when Rob first took off on his practive run - Bondurant #5 sounds very similar with a raspy exhaust note on heavy throttle. Seeing all of this information come out in the last couple of weeks has started CJ and I thinking that we should reunite the Bondurant cars at an open road race event in 2011. CSVTNUT, any thoughts?
  6. Hey J2, am I to understand that you own the Bondurant CSVT #5. I own both the Saleen and the #4 Bondurant CSVT, bought them from Chris to add to my collection. I have pics of the CSVT's when I was testing 03 Cobra prototypes at Bondurant in Spring of 03. Never saw car #3. Should get survivors together.

  7. With Washington so ingrained in their ways, we commoners will only be able to take back control through force. Elected officials, as you noted, have to support the ideas of their contributors, so no real progress will ever be made since it means angering the companies who paid to get a congressman or senator elected. Rule by the people my ass; the truth of the matter is that highest bidder controls Washington. I'm fearful that the America that we knew in the past will soon be gone, and we're witnessing it happening right now. Why do you think the government has been so eager to step in and mettle with the auto industry? One of Obama's larger supporters was the UAW - who he made big promises to - and now, low and behold, the UAW is going to have a major stake in GM once it emerges from bankruptcy. Coincidence? I think not.
  8. This is not only the key to the auto industry's problems, but to the whole of the American manufacturing industry. Company executives look at dollars earned, send production overseas, and then reap the immediate wealth of their decisions. Meanwhile, blue-collar America is put out of work and can no longer afford the products they used to make because we've been reduced to a country of service and retail jobs. The problem in America unfortunately won't be resolved until there are massive and sweeping changes made to how our country's manufacturing companies are run. You can't expect to lower unemployment when jobs keep going to Mexico and China. It's time to close the trade borders, fire these idiots who have made poor corporate decisions, and regain what is rightfully ours. NAFTA was bullshit, and it's time to start pulling production back into the U.S or penalize the companies who resist.
  9. Very nice, and I like the wheels. CSVTs look so much better with the door guards removed.
  10. I think we all now that this is accurate, but I didn't say that the bulk of the companies' employees drove these corporations into the ground. I said that "..the employees...who had the power to make decisions..." were the ones who are ultimately to blame for this mess. Power in the hands of a few is not always a good thing. Yes I have. Prior to my current career, I worked at the Robert Bosch Corporation in both manufacturing and mechanical engineering after attending Kettering University - formerly GMI (General Motors Institute) - in Flint, Michigan. I left the auto industry to pursue a career in a field that has allowed me to be the one making decisions on how the business is run, as opposed to being part of the herd. In retrospect, my time at Bosch was very rewarding, but I'm glad I left. The department in which I worked has seen dramatic cuts with many of my former co-workers having lost their jobs. What's happening to companies like Bosch is sad, as they really have had nothing to do with the bad decisions made within Detroit and Auburn Hills, but are paying the price along with those directly under the manufacturers' employment. This has hit close to home, as well, as several Tier 2 and -3 auto parts suppliers in Iowa have had to either close or dramatically scale back production as a result of the slow-down in vehicle production or, worse yet, the contracts for parts have been sent to China.
  11. Terry, the US government didn't run the auto industry into the ground. The American auto manufacturers did this to themselves. They built crap for too long, and their ignorance got them into the mess they're in now. I agree that politicians have no business making decisions regarding product planning/engineering/manufacturing, but the employees within GM and Chrysler who had the power to make decisions about the companies' futures squandered away what they had to begin with, so how would government involvement be any worse? Chrysler seems to need a bail-out once a decade, and if after all these years of producing sub-par vehicles, why should they even be bailed out - to persist the manufacture of more crap? I dare anyone to compare a Hyundai Genesis to a Chrysler 300C and honestly tell me that the 300 is the better car. GM at least had started to turn a corner regarding build quality, and Ford definitely has with the example of the Fusion, but why has this taken so long? Ignorance is the simple answer, and if that is the reigning idiology within these troubled companies, then let them fail and start fresh somewhere else.
  12. Hey guys, in recent months, there have been quite a few really nice Contours change ownership, and with all of these cars in active topics, I was wondering your opinions on which were your favorites. My vote is split. I've always been a fan of the Saleen's touring-car look, but Brian's blue SeVT approach gets my vote as overall favorite. It's a great looking color, nicely executed documentation on his hard work, and tastefully modified without going over-the-top. The only thing missing is the blue SVT interior.
  13. CJ, very cool, and thanks for posting the photos. It's great to see it in private ownership where it will be properly cared for. I wholehearted agree with everyone's sentiment to keep the car in its original setup, but since the drivetrain has been replaced a couple of times, this will be an interesting project to follow to see what you decide on for an engine setup. Keep us posted! We're all excited to see the return of the Contour at the top of the pedestal.
  14. Terry, I think we're all aware of the fact that the Profile was pre-production and very unique in its construction. Visually, though, it had a lot of Taurus design cues that just didn't work, and the final product was a better execution of the design than the Profile. The '98 Contours were better still, despite their love-it-or-hate-it front end. I think the Saleen Contour concept took these ideas a step further in the right direction, but there are still design flaws - why did they leave the "24V High Output" badges on the fenders and cut notches out of the fender flares? The DTM appearance is an effective one, and it works well for the Contour, it's just too bad that the Saleen couldn't have seen production. Something similar could be said of the X-type touring car that Jaguar released in 2002.
  15. Except for the suspension alterations, CJ's Saleen would be a prime candidate for SC/Turbo/AWD modifications. Nevermind that it's not "original" to the Saleen... How many engines did they blow up in this car before they installed the wheezy 2.5 that's been in it for the last several years? My vote goes to making this car a true tuner car. It's got the exterior and interior bits to play the part, now let's see the real reason tuner cars are built: power and performance.
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