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  1. Name: Ford Contour SVT (2000) Date Added: 16 October 2006 - 07:58 PM Owner: morbid Short Description: None Provided View Vehicle
  2. I'll see about those dates. My car probably wouldn't be running by then :(
  3. Hey.... what part of AZ are you in?
  4. Looks good. It sucks that we need these though. Mine will be replacing the trunk lock.
  5. I think these are funny too... all my systems are running linux
  6. Now that sounds interesting. At first I thought siamesed cylinders (re 400 SBC) were making a come back.
  7. Is this a youtube movie? imdb didn't have any info on it.
  8. While the boost controller and turbo timer would be nice to have, they aren't really needed. The timer will help with longevity, as long as the driver doesn't typically let the turbo cool down. But you would only need the boost controller to increase the boost (not decrease).... and no one is going to blow their motor on the 7lb wg spring.
  9. morbid

    Obama's Budget!

    Terry... in reply to your post of "shared sacrifice", my wife's last job cut 1/4 of the peoples work time in half. Though, all the management (they also are part owners of the company) took a 25% pay cut. That seems like it was a pretty well balanced sacrifice to keep that struggling business afloat. Now what gets me is "sacrifice" to please the share holders... like IBM. Several months ago, they cut all contractor pay by 25%. They also have had alot of "under the radar" layoffs. So the remaining regular IBM employees are getting screwed more each month. Constantly reducing staff (by layoffs and contractors having enough of their pay cuts), constantly increasing work, and constantly telling their employees that IBM didn't make enough to give raises... or just an insulting 1% increase. Meanwhile, the 6 figure income suits continue to get their regular bonuses and raises. Hell... there's even an upper level management guy that fly's to a Phoenix site every week from the east coast, and he could work from his home like most of the management does. And they have the audacity to tell us there is no training or travel budget.
  10. morbid

    Obama's Budget!

    Just saw this. If you have a cell phone, he's trying to screw you there too. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/02/27/ob...reless_squeeze/ At least with income tax rate adjustments, you know exactly what's going on. But massively increasing taxes on products you may or may not use... that obscures just how much less (or more) overall taxes you'll actually be paying.
  11. morbid

    Obama's Budget!

    That's for general income tax. He'll suck it out of any other group that he can though. Like the proposed "insurance" tax on fireams in Illinois. I'm sure that's just the beginning... and Obama will attempt to make it federal. Also the proposed 2000% tax increase on tobacco products. His money has to come from somewhere... and it doesn't sound like it will only be from the upper class. Maybe he's also getting paid off for not doing anything about our southern borders
  12. I wonder if they were playing with it at the Volvo proving grounds, which is just north of Surprise. No more AZ Ford proving grounds as of a couple years ago.
  13. Thanks for the info Terry! The reason I asked is that my slave failed. It was leaking a little brake fluid out the bottom, and I had gear noise with the clutch pedal in and out (while moving). I changed it, but it still has gear noise (same loudness as before -- excessive) with the clutch pedal out, but now there's no noise with the clutch in. Would it drive at all with the wrong slave? I have to pull the motor soon and was also going to verify that is the correct part. I'm hoping it's the wrong one... but in case it's not, what else would cause that excessive gear noise?
  14. Terry.. I remember seeing a post of yours that said some of the v6 TOB's were actually the ones for the 4cyl model, but in the v6 box. There were also part numbers to verify the v6 TOB. I've looked back to the 2006 posts and can't find it.... though I thought it was some time last year. Does anyone have a link to that post... or the p/n's?
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