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    I'm 17 and got a CSVT what more can i be intrested in.
  1. Bought a 2003 SVT Lightning back in Dec 09. Lightning has Bassani CB exhaust, sound system, and a very old Steeda Open Air filter. Contour has been running like a Contour should, CEL and odd things. Deleted the rear seat and added a Pre98 Center Console. Along with deleteing all sound system componets and reverting back to stock, lost a considerable amount of weight and feels much more agile now. Hope ya'll are doing good and hopefully i'll get some more modding done after my deployment in Feb '11.
  2. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 08 June 2005 - 01:48 PM Owner: CSVT16john Short Description: Engine-K&N, 9mm spark plug wires.No mufflers with 3inch tips Lookz-Blacked out sail panels. Mesh oval grill. Painted rear and front grill. Painted Chrome oval to T-red. CF1 Cowl Hood. Clear Corners. Audio-Sony Xplod CDXR3300, two JL Audio WO 12's... Upgraded door speakers. View Vehicle
  3. CSVT16john


    need larger injectors and a dyno tune with a Xcal 2 or 3. runs good for now though. strong vehicle. once i get back home ill get her running right though. figured i post here also. been awhile since ive even been here
  4. the fuse box?? its just thrown in there till i get it placed where i want it...no dyno yet. prob wont get dyno'ed for a year or so i leave in 3 weeks for basic/techschool for USAF lol.
  5. the trans feels GREEAAAATT!!! great build TH really good trans. clutch feels great. car is strong(er) with vortech now too. really fun. still have to break in clutch though
  6. the day of tranny install.....sometime mid december prob or after the 1st...
  7. need more modification to the fans or what?
  8. ill get it mounted up tonight and try to post pix. i haveta go to ATL this weekend so it mihgt be sunday before i post the more in detail pix
  9. had a custom spacer made for the jackshaft connection to the sc....walbro fuel pump 255......FMU wired up... boost guage. jackshaft
  10. ill post them later tonight. dont have camera with me right now but i do have pix.
  11. k. ill make sure to get clearence. i've take a lot of pix so far and will be posting alot of pix when its all said and done and some vid
  12. well im about ready for install. awaiting new tranny and need some tools for the oil drain but yeah. its all set to go.
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