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  1. Hey everyone: Seems the Ohio winters have caught up with the 2 rear-most hangars on my car..... Need both left and right but they have been declared Obsolete by the blue oval in the sky. This is for the metal two hole brackets that the rubber donut mounts to. Maybe have some I could purchase or maybe part numbers I can scour the web for ? Thanks ! /ZZZ
  2. Or not. Love the tire marks on the door. Maybe a street death machine is better... Tunnel ram buggy... seat belts won't help. Ow ! Show was yesterday in Cleveland. /ZZZ
  3. Not many left from the 'original group' out at Summit a couple times a year. Call me when the Shelby comes due, ahem. Your western shop is now available in Marshall, Texas.... Yep, gas station from the '30s. Yow. /ZZZ
  4. It's 115 degrees out and I went over to watch the Padres & Mariners rookie league teams scrimmage 2 weeks ago in Phoenix. Sittin' out in the parkin' lot was : Takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin' ! /ZZZ
  5. Thanks guys, I've got the aforementioned clutch kit (LuK), just the flywheel and bolts are needed.. I think I'll skip the bleed now cause it really does need a clutch & T/O, we'll bleed it when its in. Probably best to get the LuK flywheel to mate with the LuK clutch assy, eh ? Is it the lightened one ? (LFW133). /ZZZ
  6. Hey all : Guess it's time to renew the original stock clutch in my buggy... at 171K. No slip but the judder is annoying and could hurt our glass trans/diffs. So what is the correct Sachs number to replace the lightened one currently in place ? Choices here Thanks all, keep up the good work. /ZZZ
  7. Spotted a couple days ago in Kendallville, IN. No color keyed bumpers but has body side moldings.... could it be a scooter model ? Amazing wheezer still rollin' on. /ZZZ
  8. No Edit button. Reverse the plant numbers..... I'm at CEP2. CEP1 is the video debutante. /ZZZ
  9. Hey Group, I'm doing some contract work over at Ford Engine Plant 1 in Brook Park (Cleveland) OH. So in the course of my daily duties, I see alot of 3.0's in various stages of undress. Hard to concentrate, ahem. So my question is this : Which applications get a plastic upper and which get an aluminum one ? Different markets, too ? All the short blocks look alike but the heads, intakes and inductions vary some. I bet Dom wants a box of TTY head bolts , eh ? Terry wants the old posters/pix on the plant walls of Jags and the actual fully dressed chrome Jag v6 in the lobby, yes ? Old plant, not a purty one like CEP2 out front they show on the news. Finally, I got to hear the soft jingle/tinkle sound of about 1000 rod caps lined up and marching forward together to their final machining on the cap line. Interesting. /ZZZ
  10. Stand up and be counted ! 99 SVT Black/Blue; 168K on it; all boringly, reliably, stock. Only put 6900 miles on it last year ! Bought with 14K miles 11 years ago.....Still pulls to redline with aplomb. /ZZZ
  11. Waaaahh ! Shudda done early '90's Corvette Black Rose ! /ZZZ
  12. Natural asp, hand built C5R 427 Mallett thru cats: Sighh, I can't get enough. Nice top end punch huh ? /ZZZ
  13. Ah, didn't know that. Sure aint warm weather testing there doing this week. Ahem. Avatar is my current fav old Westerns actor. Whatta look. /ZZZ
  14. This ripper: I'm in Surprise, AZ (near Phoenix) on business. Makes my wheezer rental 'Stang next to it seem paltry. 540 horse does that. Uh huh, that's a Michigan Manufacturer's tag on it. Looks like a racin' setup under there son. 2010 Shelby GT500. sighhhhh.
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