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    Beer,pink floyd,Beer,sabbath,Beer,you get the picture.married 25 years .I need some vices!

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  1. Name: Ford Contour SE (1995) Date Added: 09 August 2005 - 10:22 PM Owner: mrstooge Short Description: nice car.good handling.so far no troubles. View Vehicle
  2. induce water from a hose at the belt area by the ac compressor..if car dies instantly seal electrical connectors wires with silicone/liquid tape at top of engine at top of arc of belt as it travels towards front bumper from windshield area. I took 2 hours to find this problem and i narrowed it down to using one spritz of water from a bottle to kill engine instantly when sprayed on the lowest connector approx 1 in from serp belt.wiring harness?maybe .all i know is i can still drive in the rain!
  3. go buya ####### toyota and get the #### off this site. all this bitching about which FORD website is the best makes all of us sick!!!!!!
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