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  1. I cannot find the old for sale section so here it is I am asking $9,500 FIRM. The car was bought less than 18 months ago for MUCH more than this and ALOT of money has been put into it since then. NOTHING WILL BE SOLD SEPERATLY SO AND NO TRADES EITHER 2000 SVT Contour "Silver Surfer" 81k miles on chassis (only 12k on trans and 7k on motor) Powertrain 3L Taurus Longblock SVT Cams SVT LIM Taurus Al UIM (portmatched to SVT lower) Mustang 75mm TB 40lb/min Terminator Injectors Magnecore Wires Xcal2 with full adjustability ProRacer Package (using laptop) Terry Haines
  2. I didnt want mine on the outside where it couldnt be hidden, so if I do drive it somewhere like the store it couldnt be messed with, plus its a dual function car. Race AND show.
  3. Yeah expecially if you have relcoated yours and wanna run at a nhra sanctioned track that sticks to the rules like mine does.
  4. The cutoff switch itself was only like $50.00 but the labor was the most of it, but I got a mad deal and hook u p on the labor since a friend of mine is good friends with the shop owner.
  5. Been gone a while so here is the latest update since nhra rules state that if you run at a nhra sanctioned track like commerce you have to have a external battery cutoff if you relocate the battery to the trunk, so I had Sam at Mahdavi Motorsports work his skillz and do this cutoff recessed behind my plate.
  6. I just ordered a new 50mm Tial bov, anodized blue, aluminum flange and 11psi spring. This should solve the boost issue I have and will look sexy too
  7. The spike at 6500 was due to the leaky bov, it "hooked" then leaked again
  8. Yeah the a/f is right at 11.7 and it needs to be 12.2, it will be redone in October
  9. Oops above the last dyno chart is 14psi then back down to 8psi
  10. Ok well I went down to Team Ford today cause Jerry a high ranking sct rep was there (one of the co-founders of sct) and he re-dyno tuned the car. It is leaking at the bov (damn rfl's) but the egt's are fixed and not spiking anymore and the tune is great for now, that is till the Gulf Coast Thunder meet when Joey really fine tunes it. It was running verrrry lean hence the spiking egt's. Also the tune that was on it the Spark was at factory settings, for a n/a 2.5l csvt. He fixed all that and with the leaking bov I went from 265.2hp to 313.9hp and from 241.9tq to 321.4tq. It was running soo
  11. It is a little Terry but the turbo piping is smaller than the elbows so that wont make a differance. Buuuut my bov isnt making that loud pshhhh noise anymore, it sounds more like a sequential bov rather than my normal LOUD rfl. Any help to what it can be.
  12. Ok cool, thanks Terry I got around to moving it down 2 1/2" today,and cut a few inches off the elbow and pipe in the middle but, ITS DONE. But its raining so I wont drive it till tomorow.
  13. Yeah all that above is jibberish to me.
  14. I havent started yet, I am gonna do it this weekend, my schedule during the week is busy and I dont get home from work till 7pm and I have 2 kids, 1 that started 2nd grade today.
  15. Yeah I was researching the co2-alky all weekend, I just havent used the alky yet cause I am not sure how to turn the system on, I have instructions from Stazi but I havent messed with it yet. Yeah the car is all done but it isnt, I need to take it all back apart and lower the fmic about 2" cause half of the cooling viens are being blocked, so I hope I can lower it with the way the turbo piping is laid out. The aluminum I used to secure the fmic will definitly hold it there, its 1/4" thick and once I bolted it on there it wouldnt move so its good to go on there.
  16. And its done. I woke up this morning and thought why not just get some aluminum and bolt it on, and I did Make the brackets. Self tapped into the frame and they are on there TIGHT with rubber backed washers Cut the bumper support to fit over the fmic, that was a pain in the rear My battery is at advance auto on a deep cycle charge since its dead, I will pick it up tomorow after work and see what it feels like tomorow night.
  17. Yes 14psi on high boost, but I only only hit that on the track when I shift into 2nd gear. Plus the car has alky injection. And I run 92-93 octain pump gas. The tuning isnt 100% right right now and when I dyno'd it with the smaller fmic it dyno'd at 297, but once the tune is right and this fmic on, it will be in the 350-360whp range I am assuming. I havent heard anything about a cryo cooler so care to explain what it is and does?
  18. You obviously dont know much about intercooling then. The piping is the same except for 2 90 degree elbows, thats all thats changed. The intercoolers are much much different in all aspects. The larger one is much much better for the turbo application I have.
  19. No you are wrong, I am running 8psi on low and 14psi on high boost, even with the 2 90 degree elbows this fmic will be much more efficiant at cooling and will definitly give big gains, its the same fmic Joey from Nautilus is running and gained atleast 30whp from swapping them out at the same boost levels. Yeah I just want it welded on so I can have piece of mind, and yes I will be doing the gromets as you said, that was one of my first thoughts when mocking this up, I already have them too.
  20. Yeah the top to bottom versus side to side is alot better and more efficiant way of cooling, expecially with this turbo that spools like crazy
  21. I have no idea to be quite honest, I have to get Joey from Nautilus to re-tune it since its running rich on the rear banks right now and throwing 2 codes p0172 and p0175.
  22. Yes 3.0l heads, aluminum 3l uim svt lim. Why you ask Terry?
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