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  1. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 14 June 2005 - 11:16 PM Owner: damiensblackSVT Short Description: 4265/6535 109k when purchased 140k now, all new tires, very bad suspension. i can't have my svt contour packed with people cus my car drops and all 4 tires hit the wheel wells, i know its bad, don't have the money for suspension just yet...but i'm also not even close to finished with it yet View Vehicle
  2. i agree, don't ever weld it directly to the frame, it will break very fast no matter how hard or easily you drive. have you seen this on any other car? didn't think so.... the exhaust hanger itself is ususlly on the muffler or the pipe depending on where it can be mounted...i would check to see where it is mounted, then get it welded into place and get a rubber exhaust hanger....works everytime
  3. i'll tell you from my expierience. i worked at a chrysler/jeep dealership and drove both the manuels and autos, and i think they're junk too. the base model croosfires have 215 hp. like i said i drove both and they are slow. maybe if they made the srt-6 with a manuel gearbox it would pep it up....but they didn't, don't think they will either. i agree man....learn to shift the gears yourself...you won't regret it. just my 2 cents Joe
  4. ryan, your still doin it up huh?! damn it i like that! nice! Joe
  5. feel bad for ya ray, that sucks, i agree with them guys tho, Fel-pro never let me down. when i first got my svt i replaced the oil pan gasket and upper intake with fel-pro, and not a drip even after it spun a bearing. dang those 2.5 liters
  6. Heck of a nice car Dom...i heard these are quite rare as well but ya never know. i didn't know that even the SHO's had a v8. looks real good! Joe
  7. i drove an infinity g35 6 spd stock, and it was pretty quick but the 350z is a much better car to me...any of you ever heard g35's have gearbox issues. maybe its a rumor but thats what i heard. definatly a hot ride tho.
  8. Its all about the ITALIANS baby! ferraris are the main reason why i love cars. what i'd do to be behind the wheel of one of em' with that 6 speed gearbox damn!. yea i bet all of you guys too. nice pics ryan!
  9. yeah i would love to get a look at that
  10. everyone has their opinion but the best intake for the svt contour to me is the K&N drop-in. my svt contour is down and out right now, but i had the kurtz kustoms intake on it and noticed nothing, maybe about 2 months later i decided to go back to the stock air box and bought the k&n filter for i think it was $48. with an open element air filter the engine tends to get hotter air than cooler air. the stock svt air box is actually perfect with a k&N. i envy you svt contour guys right now...damn it to hell! its alright my 3l is coming soon
  11. how many miles are on it? do you have a CEL on?
  12. what your trying to achieve is very simple and should take no more than 20 minutes for each front speaker....and i agree don't force anything, the door panel should slide upwards and come free, only after all screws are off, including the inside door handle. if memroy serves me correctly there should be about 7-8 screws...i had replaced all my speakers front and back in less than 45 minutes...should be cake
  13. lol really, these are 2 really nice rides, without question
  14. i'm not into that whole SHOWCAR bs, its about modifacation and power for me. i saw the burnout video, it was freakin' sweet man. makes me wanna get an lsd.
  15. RYAN, in my mind your svt is much nicer, hands down.
  16. you know i was looking through my mail from that i had stashed away for somereason and all of a sudden that thing pops up out of no where! do they only work on contours?? Joe
  17. calm down there little fella...keep your skirt on, i actually have been working on my contour svt and a few of my friends SE'S for quite a while, exchanging parts from my blown engine to theres. so i would know a bit. i wasn't knockin' you at all.....lol but it is Tony's car, and of course its his decison. sometimes its easier to just keep the money and part the car out, it really all depends on how much you like the car. i knew nothing about contours 2 years ago, but ever since i've had it in my driveway, i have done much research and actual work like Terry, Dom, and many others here on this site. i'm really obsessed with the SVT and it really is a fun car all around. not trying to bash anyone. this is the best site for any research someone would need if they had a problem. Joe
  18. i too, was wowed by the fact that this guy blew his motor in an svt contour with 84k on it. really how do you do that? well anything is possible....you should part the car out instead of dumping more money into it. i am confused myself as to what i should do with my 98 svt, and i have a kid on the way and am considering parting it out. do a little research buddy, i'm sure you will find what your looking for. you should make the decision rather than listen to a noob. good luck with it Joe
  19. its supposedly pushes 195hp, but who knows. there is a website that sells 3l that are ready to be dropped in and there price w/o installation is $2050.00 its not too bad....but hey if you don't want to dump any money into it and you wanna make money off it, part it out.
  20. yes the motor needs to be jacked up slightly its a pain in the ass and you would need the car in the air to make it easier for yourself. the mounts (engine and trans) all need to be loosened or removed, whichever works better for you.but try not to destory them. my motor is blown now, but about 3000 miles before it went i changed the clutch. obviously, you need to separate the trans from the engine. both of the front wheels and axles need to come off/out. you also need to remove the intake and all brackets that are in the way of the top of the trans, to get to the bolts. and i found it easier to remove the cat, and obviously the y-pipe. basically getting to its the pain, changing it, isn't so bad. to be on the safe side put a jack under the trans as well with something that can support its weight. after the trans is separted from the engine, it should be a bit easier to take out the old clutch and put in the new one, wouldn't hurt to clean it out, there may be some gunk in there. just remember to make sure you don't forget to plug in all the vacuum lines and hoses. and bleed the clutch properly to get any air out. if your clutch is shot, it is well worth it. hope it helps. Joe
  21. i agree wit D's nuts....fix it. drop a 3l. and a diff. in it...you could have more power. :) Joe
  22. yeah, you never know. you could dump money into it....then all of a sudden something will come up and you will need more money to fix it. be safe....keep the cash stashed. i don't wanna sound like anyones dad tho!
  23. i heard many horror stories about that thing.
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