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  1. I am not burning any white smoke/antifreeze out the exhaust. I do not have oil in my antifreeze, nor do I have antifreeze in my oil, and I have not had to add any considerable amount of antifreeze to the overflow tank. I believe that maybe the cap has gone bad on the overflow tank, causing the antifreeze leaking in that area. Then again, I am not a mechanic. I am not trying to be disrespectful, I am seriously asking how would I know that the head gasket is blown, if it seems nothing is wrong in the oil or antifreeze areas. I still haven't toyed with the idea of a vacuum leak, catalytic converters, or the ever popular as I have seen on Google from this car of the Mass Air Flow sensor, and I have heard and read a few complaints about a possible Ignition Coil Pack failure. Not sure what to do next. If it is as simple as the MAF sensore replacement, then I will spend the $54 at RockAuto, and put a new one, before buying a new or used car to replace this one.
  2. Good Morning Everyone!! I haven't been back in a while, and we have debated on getting rid of this Tour since it seems to be one problem after another, besides the fact that repairs overseas cost a fortune. Anyway, I started up to go home yesterday, and the engine was idling rough and around 500rpms. On the way home, I noticed the ride would not accelerate, at least not like normal, very slowly, and sounded like a lawnmower engine. I pulled over and noticed quite a bit of antifreeze around the overflow tank, and steam coming from around the cap. I decided to slowly take the cap off watching for the pressure, and no pressure, no hissing. It just came off. Plenty of coolant in the tank. So I started again and the CEL was naturally flashing the whole ride home. It felt like I was riding on less than 6 cylinders. Going up hills was a nightmare. It would buck twice as I was accelerating as if it wanted to move, but just couldn't. As I got into town and had to stop at the lights, I kept watching the rpms go below 500 and the car would die. I decided to keep a foot on the gas to keep the ride running till I got to the house. The car was not overheating, but obviously has an issue or more. When I pulled into the garage, I decided to pop the cap again, and still no pressure build up. It just came right off. My chief here on post seems to think it must be the Air Flow Sensor. Another gentleman says the engine is blown and it is time to dump it. One other guy thinks I should just change the plugs, and wires, but I did that about 2 years ago. Not sure how difficult an Air Flow Sensor would be for me to replace, and prices, but could use some guidance on this. I really do not want to sink too much money into this thing, if I am going to be constantly chasing repairs around the engine. Thanks for your help!! - J.D.
  3. 1996 Ford Contour SE (Toreador Red) 2.5L 151,000 Miles Still going, but I believe on it's last leg. Still sputtering. - J.D.
  4. I am wondering if the stutter has anything to do with the overfill tank cap. I noticed that after letting the car sit all night long, that when I get ready to leave in the morning, I open the cap on the overfill tank to release all the pressure (large pressure buildup even after all night long), and then replace the cap and drive off. The car doesn't seem to stutter til I build up more pressure in the lines. - J.D.
  5. Not really sure about the stutter still, but just having someone over here look at the car runs me around $60 - $80 everytime. The thermostat was changed last time, but we did not change the water pump. Maybe that is what needs to happen. I have to assess what my future plans are on this. If I am heading back to the states soon, then I could bring the ride with me and have it fixed for less in the states. If I stay here for any amout of time longer, then maybe it is time to put her down. If I made more money, I would fly you out here Terry and have you take a look at the car. LOL!! - J.D.
  6. Happy Birthday Dom!! Wishing you all the best on your day from overseas!! Enjoy this day, and have fun!! - J.D.
  7. Ok, here is what I got so far. I am adding coolant every couple of days. About 2 cups. I have a sweet smell to the exhaust, and for a while when I was running straight Antifreeze without the water mixture, I was blowing quite a bit of white smoke when it was cold out, just til the engine heated up a bit. I have a stutter step when I slam the accelerator. Almost as if the car had a choke added. Once it blows through the stutter, she takes off like nothing is wrong. CEL has been on for a long time, and blinks every now and then if I lean on the gas while she is stuttering. I also noticed that on rare occasions, the car when I am sitting at a light will raise the temp, and the heater will blow cold air. Then it goes back to normal. Lately it has been staying in between the white mark and the first line of the letter "N" on normal. I may be having my mind playing tricks on me, but I though that I smelled a faint hint of coolant in the heater the other day as well. Which may indicate a heater core issue. Not sure what I am going to do, but I may end up selling the ride since here it is way too much money to fix anything. I have changed out the muffler (after the Bosal from BATInc exploded on me, pics to be uploaded this week), the struts and springs (all 4), spark plugs, spark plug wires, sensor (DEFP or whatever it is called, something right under the throttle body that has two screws, and two hoses), and it seems that nothing helps. Sorry, I don't have any more info than that. I was just wondering since a buddy of mine here has the same eating antifreeze issue with his Ford van, that the small tube additive will patch whatever leak I have. I do not have any puddles under the vehicle, although I believe the valve cover may have an issue due to a wet spot in the upper area of the engine on the drive belt side. I checked into how much for a head gasket replacement, but the cheapest I could find was minimum 800 Euros ($1092). - J.D.
  8. Has anyone ever used this stop leak stuff that you put in the antifreeze and let it run through the engine? I know it is better to fix the issue (which I think is a bad head gasket), but overseas it will run me around $1400 to get it done. Just looking into an alternative till I either get back to the states or till I sell the ride. Thanks!! - J.D.
  9. I used a Rockford Fosgate battery. It has been not that bad over the years, but I would have rather had the red top. Unfortunately like you said, it doesn't fit right, and I am not into modding that area just to get the batt to fit correctly. Not sure what the other Optimas have for dimensions, but I was going with the red top since it was matching the ride. In the end, I decided to go with RF simply due to all the stereo equip being RF. Check my gallery and you will see what I mean.
  10. Was the SVT the only Tour to use duals straight from the factory?
  11. Hey!! Never did the big 3 conversion myself, but I did notice the extra cables on the batt, so I went with the batt swap to allow for side posts as well as tops. This was easy fix to that issue, cause then I could use the original wires from the car to one set, and allow my audio to have it's own set of posts. Just a suggestion to clear up the area for a more clean install, and to prevent any issues between OEM equipment and the aftermarket audio system. Of course, I also installed an additional batt in the trunk and an isolator to monitor any issues, but that is just me. Good luck!! - J.D.
  12. Good Morning Terry!! Just wondering if the 96 Mondy cat-back exhaust will fit on mine. One last thing, I may have found one off an American Tour, but the guy told me that it is single for the resonator, and then double for the exhaust. I didn't think the tours were made with duals unless it is not OEM equipment. Is this the case? - J.D.
  13. Well, I was a little upset about just junking this car last night on the way home, and then it hit me. I remember a couple of weeks ago I saw 3 of the same car (1x V6 Automatic, 1x V6 Manual, and 1x 4 Cylinder) sitting at the junkyard on post just an hour down the road. I am going to call them today and see which ones they have left to just get this ride back on the road til I buy a new car. Here's to hoping and crossing them fingers. - J.D.
  14. Well, I will see what I can do, but this may be the end of the line for this Contour. Too many issues, and not enough money for repairs overseas. I will take some pics of the carnage, but I know the German shop I stopped in at said that since it is stainless steel there is nothing they can do for me. Oh well. - J.D.
  15. Well, I was driving home from the base, and the resonator on the exhaust system from Bosal Performance exploded. The whole front end came off, and now I have a serious problem. Any ideas? Does anyone know how I could get another replacement resonator that will work? Bosal said they can't help due to the model for the Contour was discontinued about 3 years ago, and they don't sell pieces. Also I bought it from SPMotorsports, and I don't even think they are in business anymore. My last option I have seen so far is to get an original cat-back. Is this all I have left? Any suggestions? It is stainless steel, and over here in Germany they don't like welding stainless steel. Need help, please. - J.D.
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