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  1. Name: Ford Contour SVT (2000) Date Added: 29 July 2005 - 06:56 PM Owner: six_beats_eight Short Description: Its a silver SVT with all kicker speakers , 500w Audiobahn amp, 2 solo baro subwoofers, nakamichi stereo, K&N Intake System View Vehicle
  2. ah ok.... so do you think they are worth the 370 lol or should i just go with something that is already proven like adc? the guy talked pretty highly about them because he used it on his svt contour and he seemed pretty knowledgable about the svt's
  3. hey guys... the first questions is where is my computer 4 digit code located at? second on is there is a sniper chip on ebay for sale for like 370 bucks that fully self programmable... have you guys ever heard of these chips? if you have are they good, bad? thanks guys
  4. i might be in depending on the items being group bought
  5. i have a 3rd gear synhro going as well... but i just double clutch and i have no grinding whatsoever... i know its only a posponed fix but it does save the life of your tranny as well.... i wish i had 2000 grand :( i would get a new tranny but thats hard money to come by these days....
  6. anyone have either of these let me know..... a little ice accident of slipping and falling lol yes im back... hehe so yea if any of you guys and come off a side skirt or driver side rear view mirror, preferrably silver that would be great thanks let me know
  7. well lets say use quaife/torsen diff with the normal tranny rebuild and dual synchros like the 98 tranny so that my tranny will last a lil longer... how much will that run.... my gears are fine from what i understand. i just had my clutch replaced and flywheel and no shavings in fluid at all fluid was clear as can be but you never know till you get in there i guess... so quote me on that in a pm if you are able to or however we need to go about it. it needs done this was going to be my 3l money but whats the use of a motor with no good tranny haha... id be fred flinstonin it in an svt
  8. checked that its firm and very much intact... rubber on it is in perfect condition... tried to pull the top off or budge anything on it and its fine... by the way terry i cant read your tranny quote form cause my wordpad is messed up.... its just odd that something in the tranny would make a rubber knot sound ya know.... if i had a garage id tear it apart to pinpoint if it is the tranny or not... i need a rebuild anyways so if it is the transmission looks like just get a full rebuild... any way to keep it under 1000 terry? lol
  9. ok... i cant remember if i do or not but its a definate virbration through the pedal... it doesnt seem to get worse or lessen aroudn turns or anything. just feels like a not in the tire is seriously what it feels and sounds like
  10. that should be under the battery correct?
  11. a friend of mine who works at john hinderer honda they had a press and he said hed do them cheap.... yea the sound doesnt start going until about 15-20 mph.... and it is a bad vibration under the pedal. how bad of a replacement is it? and could it be the other options i stated previously? bearing? and spider gears?
  12. could that make the tire sound? cause it really does sounds rubbery and i can feel it on the gas pedal while driving but the power is still there... and the sound is really what i described it to be truthfully honest like the is a rock in the tire every revolution in one spot feels like there is a bump
  13. ok heres my issue guys i really need all the info i can on this to pinpoint what the problem is... 2 weeks ago i got in my car and tsrated driving and i start hearing a sound. its sounds like you have a rock in your tire or a big bulge in it. inspected the tire at sears ntohing wrong. the guy who works there took it for a spin and come back with bad news. he says " your main bearing in your transmission is bad or your spider gears". so im like f@#& what else can go wrong ya know cause recently i realized my 3rd gear synchro is going out. but back to the sound it makes. it really sounds like its tire thats why its so hard to believe its my tranny. i still have all the power and torque feel i had when it was fine just now has that cadunck caducnk like theres a huge rock in the tire. thats why it confuses the crap out of me on what it really is. i just had my wheel bearings replaced on both sides so i know its not that. what really sucks is i dont have a garage to prop it up and look at it or any flat pavement to jack it up and take off the tire and look and see lol.... so i really need your guys help on this one. has anyone else experienced this issue before or have any logical idea of what it could be?
  14. there will be a car show that my car club will be holding sometime in september or early october for a fallen officer who was shot 3 years ago.... all the money from this show goes to his family. last year we had a month to prepare and brought 100 cars there and raised over 1000 dollars for his family... so as a fellow contour owner... id liek to see as many of our cars there as possible.... its lonly being the only contour let alone an svt.... so thanks guys and i will let you know an exact date when time comes for it but please plan on this one for me
  15. you guys culdnt make it closer to columbus lol.... 3 1/2 hour drive
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