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  1. mikeyboy

    Euro-Spec MTX75

    i think that the treatment leads to far less sludge buildup on said components. the brittish bulldog will be along to straighten us out.
  2. mikeyboy

    Recent Pearl SVT Pics

    nice man nice!
  3. mikeyboy

    3L Project car progress....

    WOW DOM! i need to come here more often. that engine looks sick in that bay. great job. cant wait to see more. :cool:
  4. mikeyboy

    Some thoughts

    the best thing to do when in the company of people who actually know what the hell is going on is to shut up and listen. :thumbsup:
  5. mikeyboy

    Stupid,Dumb?..or just ignorant!

    all together now... ATF is not the food for the MTX...ATF is not the food for the MTX... :cool:
  6. mikeyboy

    electrical problem

    I am not into the audio stuff really either. my 95 still has a kenwood tape player on the faceplate, ok ok there is a 12 disc changer in the trunk. :(
  7. mikeyboy

    electrical problem

    dont tell me post your thoughts on the GB forum on the ceg.
  8. mikeyboy

    electrical problem

    i think it is the same alternator used on aircraft carriers.
  9. mikeyboy

    electrical problem

    try 240.
  10. mikeyboy

    electrical problem

    hey terry i know the closing of the plugs is not the solution. it is just to keep the car running good while i get the parts. there is a GB for a high output alternator going on right now. :)
  11. mikeyboy

    electrical problem

    no wires yet and incorrect plug gap makes the car run like new. spmotorsports is taking their time getting the wires to me. :(
  12. mikeyboy

    electrical problem

    hey it has been a couple of days and the car is running great. :)
  13. mikeyboy

    Best Junk yard ever for 24V, Chicago people

    awesome. good find.
  14. mikeyboy

    electrical problem

    i know that. this is only the start of a long journey. :)
  15. mikeyboy

    electrical problem

    nope. thats what they were gapped at when i was having all the problems. i closed them down and it seems to have worked so far. the car hasnt run this good in awhile. new wires are on their way.

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