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  1. See the plate leaning on the fence, I think that is what you are missing: http://s594.photobucket.com/user/kingmfg1/media/5-11-2013004_zps72bbbd6e.jpg.html
  2. I think you are talking about the 1/8" aluminum plate that goes between your engine block and transmission case. If that is the piece you are missing, it needs to be set against the block before you install the flywheel.
  3. I'm home! (why can I not copy/paste to this site?????)
  4. Thanks mondyman! After talking on the phone with the guy working on it, he seemed to miss that the fan harness came unplugged somehow. Plugged it in and everything seems to be running great! He took the car out with the trailer hooked up to wash it and was laughing about how much attention he was getting with it
  5. Motor/trans were pulled out over the weekend. '97 rod shift trans under 50k miles for $200. '95 rod shifter assembly with good bushings/no rust or rot for $40. New NOS SVT clutch kit and TOB. Resurfaced flywheel on Monday and everything is back together as of last night. Shifts are smooth and clutch is working perfect! Only issue right now its running hot and the fans aren't turning on. I fly down to NC on Friday to pick the car up so I hope the temp issue gets fixed.
  6. I see there is no classified section anymore. Can I post here or no? I'm in desperate need of a door for my brothers SVT. Mother in law thought it looked better dented up....
  7. Someone I know picked up a full shifter assembly at a yard in North Carolina. No rust and in pretty good order overall. I should be picking up my car on the 22nd. It is getting a stock trans put in right now so I can drive it back home. I'll pop open the built trans to see what the deal is and why it failed. Haven't had my car for 3 months, kind of miss it....
  8. Yeah, I found all the threads on rod shift things you posted about. I was trying to copy/paste the links into my posts here but this site won't let me ??? I went to the junk yard today and they brought out the most crusy, rusty, seized up shifter I have ever seen. The price was supposed to be about $50 for a 'good, clean, working' shifter. After seeing it I had a feeling it wasn't going to help me at all and left it there. I have someone in the southern part of the US looking for a shift assembly for me, hopefully they score something fantastic!
  9. Thank you sir, that's exactly what I needed to know. I'll drop you a PM about the rebuild. I appreciate the help.
  10. Buttonpuncher had this shifter assembly re-done by you (Terry) years ago (2008). I know his car was a 4cyl. From what I can see, the 4/6 cyl shifters are the same. Trying to find out quick because I am driving past a junk yard with a 4cyl shifter tomorrow morning when I am on the road for work. If you are still willing, I will probably have a spare shift assembly to send to you for a re-build once we get the car back on the ground.
  11. ^ I understand that 100% Are the rod shifters the same in the 4cyl and 6cyl from the shift knob to the transmission?
  12. Can you confirm that the 4cyl and 6cyl rod shift assemblies are the same 95-97? That will help my search for replacement parts immensely. OK, that sounds like a good place to start. Fix/swap worn rod shift parts, re-evaluate. I need to relay the info to the member that has my car. So lets say, worst case scenario the new rod shift parts don't fix the 5/R. If the shift tower is pulled and the 'roll pin and clamp' are broken inside the transmission, there really is no way to repair that without pulling the trans, correct?
  13. Oh I would drive that GEM! Nice buy.
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