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  1. WhiteyFord


    Hey Andrew, the intake is a cheapo Ebay short ram intake that's for a ZX2 I believe, can't remember. It fit ok to me, I just had to tap a hole for the IAT sensor and the elbow above the TB had a hole in it that I just taped up by wrapping a section with black electrical tape. Has held up fine and sounds good. I have painted the intake tube black with high heat exhaust paint and might be in the market for some black silicone elbows and what not to replace the blue. I dunno why after I painted the valve cover I'm startin to like the all black look. Maybe I'll paint my 4-1 header black as we
  2. WhiteyFord


    Spankis, yes I got those wheels from this guy in Queens, he had them on his black SVT. Although I still think they'd look alot better after I do the suspension on my car and get a nice drop.
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