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    1999 FORD CONTOUR SE 4 cyl.
  1. Ok I don't think its the cabin filter. I think it might be the weatherstripping from the cover that covers the windshield to the hood. The weatherstripping is hard and there is 2 inches missing, plus some of it was unglued and out of place. I will be replacing it soon. Thanks for your healp. I will keep an update if that is not the problem.
  2. Hi, I am new at replacing spark plugs. So can anybody tell me what gap setting i need for my 1999 ford contour SE? ...or help me figure it out? Thanx
  3. Thank ya'll so much! I'll be replacing that cabin air filter today and will get back to tell ya'll if that finally solves my problem. Thanx again.
  4. Hi. My cars a 99 contour SE. I notice a while back a damped area on my carpet located in the front passenger seat. Right under the glove box on the floor where my carpet is. Next the area where the engine area is covered by the floor and carpet. Water only seems to leak when it rains or when i wash my car. My problem is where do i start and what do i used to stop the leaking? Also how do you get mildew stains out of the floor carpet.? I am thinking of using lysco.
  5. My color is on my signature which is Deep metallic blue (K4) and yes i am willing to get the lid repainted. (As long has it just has paint damage where I would only have to take the paint off to redo it.) I know exactly where to get paint and i have a friend that can paint it. My car has no spoiler and is an SE BTW. But yes I do know that mystiques are similar to contours. What is the name of the junk yard you go to? Or actually if anyone has a good junk yard they go to that has contours please tell me about them. Usually when I buy out of state the parts are tax free and the shipping is very reasonable. Saves alot. So i would appreciate it very much. Again the junk yards here hardly or usually dont have contours. Thanks for the info Aussie
  6. hi, I would like to replace my damaged trunk of my car. I have looked up the parts on the Team Ford Catalog but not all the prices are on there plus its only for GL and LX. I have a 99 contour SE. My trunk release on my driver side does not work. I am having to open my trunk by my key. What I see so far that needs replacing: -Trunk lid base -reflector panel -whatever makes the driverside trunk release open -The bottom where the weatherstripping is (that the trunk lid is on top of) What still works -can still open and close trunk and will stay close till unlocked again -rear lamps still work (blinkers and brake lights too.) (lights on each side of license panel work still as well) Its not real bad. My trunk damage is a small dent about 1x1 in. on the edge of the lid attached to the reflector panel. It is located close to the middle. That part of the trunk has detached from the top of the reflector panel (a dent triangular hole where water can leak in. The Reflector panel is cracked and peices of the reflector have fallen off. Under the license panel area are lil dents as well. When you open the trunk, a small dent is also located where the weather stripping is at the bottom lip (not the trunk lid). I know my descriptions of the damage of my trunk arent that great but I am hoping you get the idea. I will try to take photos for a better description. I am hoping I can replace these parts atleast around $300. I have looked at the Team ford catalog and it seems to look like it would cost over $700 which I am hoping I can avoid paying. I am thinking a jumk yard is my best beat BUT the thing is I can never find a contour in the lots. Most of the cars (if any contours) are later versions. My question is. Is there anyway or place I can find or get my trunk replaced cheaper than $500? Any ideas or advice to what to do or where to go would help.
  7. you know that could of helped me out before I even took of the panels. too late now.
  8. thanx terry and everyone. I've already started pealing of my rear window. I'm hoping I didn't mess up my defroster lines!
  9. I'm trying to take off my tinted window film. I've been using ammonia. Is there an easier way or more optons? I'm getting it off but there seems to be 2 layers in the back seats and rear window. Its harder to take off. Is there a paticular kind of tint that is best for a car. Because mine (thanx to the previous owner )got what seems to be cheap quality tint. The one I have has glue on top of the tint and the window. So flaky irredescent smears are all over my windows because I tried to wash and then smears appeared and there is no way of fixing it. I tried removing it with a old credit card which is messy and takes forever. yes I'm getting new tints. I'm just sort of hesitant right now. One place I went to offered to do it for 100 bucks and they said its nothing like what i have. I'd still like to see the otherside of the sample glass they have on display for tints. I just don't want to get screwed and get something crappy.
  10. I know stupid question... dude thats where I got 01B78 from buckeyesvt forum and yeah I know I couldn't find the docs either thats why i asked where to go. All the sites I've been too just give a short summary. I remember seeing one I just can't remember where!
  11. I'm having technical difficulties with my pc not reading my sd card but pix will come soon.
  12. number1_or2

    Key broke off

    that really sux! what about those really tiny thin screw drivers? a needle? and sharp needle nose point small tweezers.. the kind women pluck eyebrows with.
  13. uh terry lil prob. I got the tsb number for my dash. I just can't find a ford tsb that can give me the documents. I fond one site that I had to subscribe as in pay for one. Ok perhaps this is a stupid question. Just to be sure you mean dom as in domain. domain as in tsb website?
  14. NO thats a GREAT idea! Its just on the passanger side and near the rear console. I just want it out enough to stick the hose attachment from the carpet cleaner. Since were talkin beverages. anybody ever order from bill jenkins in las vegas... team ford i think. I recently found out that he is selling better cup holders you know ones that actually hold the damn drinks. I checked on the parts look up on the website. no description just illustrations. heres the website: http://www.trademotion.com/partlocator/ind...m?siteid=214270 btw I'm a wo-MAN. haha I guess you'd call this a guy site. ...its ok really you don't have to apologize. I'm sure I'm not the only female here. Women like cars and even race them too. duh hehe
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