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  1. Using Dom's custom cam shop, I had my 2.5L SVT cams reground for my Hybrid 3.0L. Unlike the 3.0L cams, the 2.5L cams were completely reground. These cams were designed with the COMPLETE 2.5L Intake system INCLUDING the IMRC. Lift was added for better breathing to the same specs as the 3.0Ls. Duration and phase was altered however on the intake lobes. These cams are a prototype just to remind you. We had no idea how these cams were going to perform since it's a complete reprofile of the cam unlike the 3.0L cams. What I was looking for An overall increase in torque throughout the mid-range.
  2. Be careful with certain info. The only "oil issue" you need to worry about is low oil level. Keep an eye on your oil level and you'll be fine. The oil issues present themselves when the oil level is below the minimum mark. Aside from that there's lots of products and parts out there that are heavily supported that really do little for you. Before you know it you'll be spending hundreds on parts that you don't really need.
  3. The reason why Taurus and Sable engines are preferred is because of a few factors. The Intakes are usable as well as a few other things that I do not remember off hand.
  4. You are right. The camber plates are not needed. My Koni's failed because of the hollow strut used in their product. Yours may have taken more time. I believe the camber plates place a lot of pressure on the shaft of the strut itself, causing it to fail. I would recommend scrapping the camber plates and go back to the factory setup.
  5. Rikenbomb

    Headlights for Sale

    Passenger and Driver Headlight
  6. The S.Drives aren't too bad, perform well for the money. they will however get noisier as they wear, just be aware of that. But I run 18s with low profile tires so YMMV.
  7. Keep us posted on your progress. I'd like to see how things go with this project!
  8. Are you looking to compare what SVT cams will do on a 3L vs. what the custom cams can offer on a 3L?
  9. Yes it has! And to think where you see the hp curve dip is where there is more room for improvements such as using a larger TB or getting head/valve work done. I'll agree with you on the SVT cams. In my setup you're not going to get much more than 200tq on it. Honestly I want more torque than that. I'd like to get another 10 ft-lbs or torque on my setup. The other issue is the SVT Intake. Unless you have your SVT/2.5L Intake Max Extrude Honed, you are guaranteed to be missing 10-20 hp (and probably the same amount of torque [depending on intake]) on your build.
  10. Impressive! Very similar to Dom's before all the work was done.
  11. That's something you would have to contact Dom about.
  12. There's no real legal way of doing an HID conversion. However, changing out projectors is more involved, more costly and more of a difficult way of getting the same results. Getting an HID conversion kit is the best way to go, especially since they are now $200 and under.
  13. I see it happening at some time. There are going to be a lot of upset people if/when it does happen.
  14. Apparently there's some things going on that require a dns change. It should be up Mon or Tues. Don't ask questions I'm just the messenger.
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