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    Tween Baltimore and Harrisburg
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    I'm a nerd electronics engineer during the week, and a semi-pro entertainer by weekend. I own a sound company and do local and regional bands, plus a few old nationals a year in the standing audience market.. festivals, municipal, corporate. Learned to drive at 5, and double clutch at 7. Many VWs, buggies, a TR4, and then family cars.

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    95 V6 GL strangely modified

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I fell in love with this kit car a long time ago when I had no spare coin to invest, and I'd have done a half-arsed job back then anyway. Now that the kids are grown, and the wives have all left, I decided to reward myself for a good life's work, and build my dream. The discovery of the Contour came after a lot of research for just the right transplant. I wanted all the comfort options along with style and potency. I bought my Contour for $2000, and drove it for nine happy months before starting it's new life as the heart of my sports car. I'm making friends everywhere I go for parts and work on it. Everyone likes this adventurous project. I have brothers that are sports car guys too, and I get loads of encouragement from them to finish so we can all drive the mountains together.

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