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  1. I've been using a Kelmark forum for several years and not active at fordcontour.org. Old friends can find me over there: (http://kelmarkgt.freeforums.org), still Gar and ModernDino. I'm visiting to research a "warm, cranks, but no start" problem my son's friend is having on his 99 Mystique. Read Terry's reply to same issue, but didn't see any other posts (not proficient searching here anymore). The Mystique is too far away to troubleshoot effectively by phone since my son doesn't share my mechanic nacks. Hoped the problem was a well known issue with probable causes... and I woulda looked like a hero. Meanwhile, shoutout to old pals here. Gar
  2. The pix from Thursday include one of the car in front of something large and white. That object is 6 four foot cubed chunks of foam used to float 1200 pounds each..... My only concern about weight is the hillclimb part of the race where my sprag bearing drive component into the trans will get loaded close to its spec limit of 106 foot-pounds. Well, that and a teeny fear of losing the brakes in a crowd. I'm not worried any more about floating it. I'll prolly be the second or third heaviest in the event at an estmated 2300. If finished in time, we may roll over the feed scale with the trailer. Gar
  3. Race day is closing fast.... see how far I've come. I actually feel like a contender. http://kelmarkgt.freeforums.org/gar-s-2012-kinetic-sculpture-t190.html Gar
  4. Link to the 2012 vehicle build. http://kelmarkgt.freeforums.org/gar-s-2012-kinetic-sculpture-t190.html
  5. I'm really surprised the thread still gets views. I'm building a car for this year's race and set up an entry for it. http://www.fordcontour.org/topic/14342-this-years-kinetic-sculpture-race-vehicle-build/ It's a link to my Kelmark gallery page. The pix are located here. http://kelmarkgt.freeforums.org/gar-s-2012-kinetic-sculpture-t190.html
  6. Use the link back up at the top in the first post to check my progress. Made parts and stuck em on since last post. Gar
  7. There's always the chance of putting a motor on it (like last year's model) and our riders are beefy boys. Gar
  8. Work is progressing, although barn construction is slowin me down. Keep checking back to follow the build. Gar
  9. You'll hurt from laughin lookin at these crazy machines and their pilots. Made progress today mounting the front end and completed one of the siamese sprockets. Gar
  10. Last year's build got a lot of viewer interest so I thought I'd share the galley link for the new car. Hope you enjoy. Gar http://kelmarkgt.freeforums.org/gar-s-2012-kinetic-sculpture-t190.html
  11. I'd discovered and bought Aerokroil a few years back. My brother is a fan of PB Blaster. In the usual brotherly manner, we bet each, was better than the other..... By mail, we exchanged a can of our fave and set to work trying both in our daily mechanical work. After several months we mutually agreed that PB Blaster was the better of the two. AeroKroil also has a smell or fume that seems to sicken me. I don't use it any more. Gar
  12. I think I'm lucky! After removing the inner damper bladder from the control hardline, the injection workd very well. I had the pressure gauge on it for the first start, and all the system characteristics did what they were supposed to. It pulls strong and idles nicely. I don't detect any pulsing from the injectors that the damper was installed to counter act. I can theorize that the age-hardened damper was restricing flow away from the fuel distributor, causing higher than normal back-control on the metering system that reduced fuel delivery and the intermittant hesitation. Now I need to use the car to loosen up the tranny plumbing. It slowly engages when moving the shifter from park to drive, and on hard cornering, it slips a little applying throttle. Worst case, a tranny overhaul/flush, but I'm impressed with the motor. The body needs a heap of patching. Hottie G/F may get her Dad's much newer car as he's going to be loosing his license due to eyesight.... the pressure on me to fix her up with the Mercedes may be off. Gar
  13. I put my test port on the control circuit, but discovered that MB uses a flexie capped air tube inside the hard line as a damper. It tends to shift and nlock my test port most of the time, and block off pressure to the injection system some of the time. This week I'll remove the damper to troubleshoot the control circuit, and decide if I need to fab a damper, or whether the lack of one causes too great a drivabillity issue. Gar
  14. Going longitudinal Rac? I've seen this site before. Kennedy also adapts the Duratec to the VW type (some porsch/audi) if you want N/S Duratec in a midengine. I'm just south of Hamstead nearly every day... we need to get together and share projects. Gar
  15. I had a little time today to visit the junkyard to hunt for a hunk of hardline with a test port.... and lucky, I found just what I wanted. A piece of straight pipe with the valve, just the right diameter to telescope with the line I want to measure pressure on. I'll take a section out of the Mercedes pipe, and a couple inches of the junkyard pipe, and braze together. Then I'll troubleshot the prob I'm having. Just about everyone says... replace everything on a jetronic that sits for a year... I take that as a challenge. My guess is the warm-up regulator valving is mechanically dragging... and preventing the start-up enrichment to progess to normal driving. This should show up on the pressure gauge as the control line pressure remaining high after warm. The donor for the pipe section I found was a Saturn ION,
  16. Dom, Terry, et al, I believe Hottie's 380SL is staying enriched after warm-up. It uses a Bosch K-Jetronic set-up. I have a fuel pressure test gauge, so I think I'll install a shrader on the cap on the top of the fuel distributor unit in the control circuit, but I suspect the shraders meant for fuel are different from tire valves. Can you confirm? How about a recommendation for a donor? I'll drill and thread that control circuit cap and leave it in. Gar
  17. Recap of the killer failure. Nearly all bikes employ a thread on the rear hub where the sprocket cluster screws on. I'd cut a rear hub and mounted it to my gear case input. The tension of four guys on the chain trying to turn that input through those threads was too much, and they stripped. The bar owner wanted to display it near his place, so I welded it hard, early last week when I took this picture, so it can be peddled back and forth from a secure parking location. Close inspection revealed that the freewheeling bearing balls had also begun busting out of their races. I think we'll use the same frame next year, but I'll look for a tranny to use on it by then, plus, I'll use a small sprocket on the input shaft, inside the case. All your interest was very gratifying... that and the build made this a lot of fun. Gar
  18. Gar

    Poking around I found a number of V8 SHO swaps/builds. I also happened to drop by my junkyard and he's got several wrecked with un-clobbered motors. I think I'll let my old aluminum Buick V8 rest, and see what I might want to make out of the aluminum Ford V8 instead. My Buick is the high compression (almost 200HP), but single cam, 16 valve.... I like the SHO intake's looks. Junkyard also just got a Gazzelle kitcar with 2.8 Ford V6, MII front, 4 speed box, and 8" Ford rear (maybe a Mustang/Capri donor). The chrome is rough, but everything else looks pretty fair. Gar
  19. Gar

    I thought the older trans for the V6 SHO used a different bolt pattern. Then the V8 was only an auto. Out of that I believed the pattern wouldn't work out, let alone the flywheel matching. I'd be interested in following a build of the V8 SHO (weld the cogs on the camshafts) mated to the MTX75. My cradle wouldn't give an inch for the longer V8, but I might build another some day. Gar
  20. Gar

    Shoulda posted that one on April 1st, lol Gar
  21. Dave, Although it's possible for the car battery and alternator to do "pounds" of work (moving a mass a distance in some amount of time), the "work" of developing 5 pounds of pressure when the engine is already gobbling in a lot of air with the throttle open is so significant, that it is not practical with an electric motor. The most ambitious application I've looked at uses several motors for the air pump, and additional batteries for some sustained usage period. It seems much more useful to use either mechanical power or exhaust power for generating boost. Think about shop compressors. They are rated for continuous air delivery at a spec pressure. Although a different scale of CFM and pressure than a car motor sucks in, they use significant electric motors rated in HPs. Think about the shop vac. It seems to have some suck power if you put your hand over the vent, but remove your hand and the "power" disappears, as is the case with the car motor throttle open... and they are rated in HPs. "Wind" doesn't equal "boost". Gar
  22. Long, but amusing clip of the worse parts of the course to get through. Gar
  23. Beautiful day for the race. Musta been 30 entries. I trailed the field in a golf cart with tools and drinks. I really believed we'd be out of it on the first hill, but our machine and our "pilots" delivered a very impressive showing. The course is 15 miles long. We powered along losing a few places from our LeMans start, but passing several broken racers through city streets and neighborhoods 9 miles to the park where a couple of tough sections were set to foil the vehicles. We hit the sand pit at 20mph sending a shower of sand into the air and the faces of the first two peddlers' faces and were still going on the other side. The chain jumped out of its track and required a screwdriver and hammer to dislodge it where to wedged in a guide. I told the guys it's time to replace those crunched links, but they wanted to keep going till it broke. The next hazard was the up-hill mud pit, and it was huge. I hopped off the cart to aid in the push, but everyone was going so fast, I could only watch em go.... airborne at the speed hump that kept the goo contained, then splat!, dead in the middle with a slosh of mud the coated spectators three deep into the crowd. Well, our rider's adrenaline must have reached its peak trying to peddle through because they cleaned the drive collar smooth where thread used to be, rendering our racer unable to finish under peddle power. I hooked a strap to the golf cart and pulled em through the remaining miles of the course, getting many jeers from the sidewalk and the other racers. Our bar team hosted the finish line party beer at the museum. There were burgers, dogs, chicken, salads, and pastries for everyone....sunburned faces, rubbery legs, costumes in wet and tattered condition, and many many well earned grins and high fives. Gar We'll be back next year with beefier parts and a new theme vehicle.
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