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  1. Aussie Ford

    Fuel Injectors not Spraying

    There is a ground on the coil pack that gets missed at times. As I recall there is a ground on the pass side of the engine. And on the drivers side at the tranny.
  2. Aussie Ford

    Fuel Injectors not Spraying

    Why do you think you have fuel pressure and power to the injectors? Have you checked the fuse for the injectors? If all is as you say then check signal from ECM. Unless the injectors are not properly seated, there is a plug in the fuel line, they are not being triggered, or no power they ought to squirt. Is the cam sensor good? Is the throttle position sensor working? Is the cranķ sensor ok and plugged in? Are you getting any CEL codes? Do yòu hear the fuel pump spin up when you tuŕn the key on? You have a returned system have you popped the Schrader valve to confirm fuel and Checked the actual pressure? This type of issue poses many questions and just needs to be followed through. You changed the ECM was the one you installed the same one with matching part numbers? For example a 99 ECM will not work in a 2k car. I know you probable thought of all these things, but just throwing out the basics since sometimes when I'm tinkering on my car and it isn't working when I start running through the basics I go òh darn missed that one.... LOL MERRY CHRISTMAS AF
  3. Aussie Ford

    Vehicle: krcaddis Minor (1961)

    interesting vehicle but what does that have to do with Ford Contours, Mercury Mystiques, or Mercury Cougars? AF
  4. Aussie Ford

    Brake Vacuum booster? brake issue

    seldom is there an issue with the vacuum booster.however it does sound like you are dealing with a leak. the line does have a valve in the line that could be bad or the line itself could have a crack. And boosters do fail just not often. It is a very simple system to check out. AF
  5. Aussie Ford

    Replacing the main wire harness

    here on the site is the owner notification for the recall. that provides all of the information to replace the 4 harnesses in the engine bay that are affected by the insulation problem. It is a very handy tool. AF
  6. Aussie Ford

    Wont start

    do a compression check that will tell the story in a hurry. if compression is good then there is another problem. is the check engine light on? AF
  7. Aussie Ford

    Remembering the Woogieman

    We had a fair turnout yester for Woogieman. Groovenerd PDXSVT Shotwell Siberian Ford Aussie Ford It was truly a celebration of life and in conversations with his wife she mentioned many times how he loved the Contour community and being part of it. He will be missed but on an up note his 14 1/2 yr old son Payton is looking forward to taking part in our group activities and when able plans to drive his dad's SVT. AF
  8. Aussie Ford

    Remembering the Woogieman

    There is a go fund me site for Aaron's family. www.gofundme.com/2p8sxvw Please follow your heart in supporting the family during this troubled time. Thank You, AF
  9. Aussie Ford

    Remembering the Woogieman

    great idea
  10. Aussie Ford

    Remembering the Woogieman

    Ya he had me closely follow him out of the area since he thought they might have an eye out for that blue 95 with the crazy driver. LOL AF
  11. Aussie Ford

    Remembering the Woogieman

    A Celebration of Life for Woogieman will be held Sunday 9/18/2016 @ 5:00 PM Aloah High School 18550 SW Kinnaman Rd, Beaverton, OR 97078-2465 Off 185th south of Tualatin Valley HWY AF
  12. Aussie Ford

    Remembering the Woogieman

    Please share your remembrances of the Woogieman: I remember his big smile and easy going manor. Always fun to be around. (sitting front right) Came to as many meets as he could and usually brought his son with him. A very dedicated family guy and good dad. (second from left) The summer we did the 5 clutch jobs his 99 was one of them and he gave me his Fadanza flywheel for mine. Always very generous. That's when he let me drive his 3L 95, and as the shop was only a few blocks from my house I took it home and did a quick mod to it...... put in a Cougar shift knob. When I got back I told him I'd done a mod but didn't say what it was. That took him quite a while to find. LOL AF
  13. Aussie Ford

    Gas and Oil Mixing

    LOL now we're talking. The smell could be from the evap system, but if it is running fine and no CEL then your ok. my 2 cents, AF
  14. Aussie Ford

    Gas and Oil Mixing

    The only place those two systems interact is in the cylinder itself...... so for that to happen it would mean that all the notches in the rings of one piston were aligned or broken allowing gas to pass by (not likely), or there was a hole in the top of the piston, either one of those situations would cause a very bad running engine. On the other hand if it was coolant instead of gas, then that would be caused by a blown head gasket (possibly accompanied by white exhaust smoke) or a cracked head or block. Either of those options can but not necessarily (at least at first) cause a bad running engine too. Whichever substance it is in the oil it would not be a good thing and with 230k on the clock most likely not worth repairing that engine. Replacement of the engine if the car is in good condition could be ok. Especially if you can replace it yourself (hubby included) you can usually find one for a few hundred bucks. Regards, AF
  15. Aussie Ford


    the lopping issue is usually a MAF sensor or DPFE thing. The dip stick being broken off if it can be grabbed by a long pointed needle nose plier that could resolve that issue quickly. Many available at Pick n Pull. AF

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