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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from Anthony84 in 1st time “official” Contour owner   
    Welcome, There are several of us Tourites in your area and we have semi - irregular meets. Please let me know if you need help / advice while working on you car.
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from SVTDEMON in Remembering the Woogieman   
    We had a fair turnout yester for Woogieman.
    Siberian Ford
    Aussie Ford
    It was truly a celebration of life and in conversations with his wife she mentioned many times how he loved the Contour community and being part of it.
    He will be missed but on an up note his 14 1/2 yr old son Payton is looking forward to taking part in our group activities and when able plans to drive his dad's SVT.
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from SVTDEMON in Recontenting the lighted headlight switch stem   
    95 HL SW.doc
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    Aussie Ford reacted to PNWContour in Official Fall Meet - Attendance & DIscussion - Oct. 11th 2015   
    I'll add more pics later too..but I thought this one was good. In fact theres already a rumor this could make the CEG calendar!

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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from siberianford in Filled Rear Roll Restrictor How-To   
    Thanks I got my 60A kit from them and the kit came in this large box that would hold at least ten of them, with no packing..... I'm sure it was plenty shook up by the time I got it...
    It is a lot easier to do than the impression I got from reading the information I found on doing this..... which is why I did this write up. I hope it comes across as simple as it really is.
    Young fellow you have no idea what a political rant is. But for your information there are a lot of traitors that I do not include on my list of jackasses that I don't even waste time thinking about, like bill and hillary for example. I don't care about them and just choose to ignor them. They have had a detremental effect on the country as a whole but not so much me personally. fonda and kerry have had an effect on me and while I have killed many people I never killed any babies like kerry and fonda said I did. If you don't like my sig tough I earned it! I have the bullet holes and medals to prove it. You on the other hand have no idea even what it means!
    This is a thread about roll restrictors not jackasses.
    Now then thanks for the comment about the how to. I will be addressing the front ones soon.
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from Detroit3series in 21mm BAT swaybar unprepared install   
    It does take modification alot is a subjective term. It may take a bit but should not take much.
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from Detroit3series in Bad clutch job?   
    I'd check Rock Auto or your local ford dealer. Part that wasn't mentioned is the cable ends could also be bad. Search for info on those here.
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from mondeoman in Filled Rear Roll Restrictor How-To   
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from black98lx in Cabin Air Filter   
    The odds are it may never have been changed. At least check it.
    My 2 cents,
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from SVTDEMON in Brake frustration...   
    I agree, you can not believe how bad some of these foreign parts are.
    You know Mike I have an in for cheaper quality parts....
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from SVTDEMON in Zetec Cooling Fans - Do Not Run   
    Simple test turn on your ac the fans should run. If not then pull the green relay (low speed) and jumper hot to fan if it runs it's the realy or the resistor.... same check for black (high speed)
    If nothing check fuses.... #02 - 60a - Yellow - Engine cooling fan
    If nothing could be fan resistor which is located on the inside bottom of the fan shroud.....
    If none of these, then it could be a bad motors.... or???? there are many more things to check.
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from SVTDEMON in shift turret   
    Yes you can remove the tower. First remove the shift cable ends from underneath. Then make a hole to get to it, by removing the air cleaner box and air tube all the way to the throttle body. MAKE SURE THE TRANNY IS IN NEUTRAL! Remove the 6 bolts that hold the tower on the tranny and lift it off. Be careful to remove the correct bolts. they are around the edge of the tower. I think they are all 10mm, or 13mm.
    another 20 minute job..... LOL
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from strobman in First time Contour owner   
    Lately it seems that we have been fortunate to have some new folks join in our converstions here. That is really exciting to me cuz I always look forward to meeting new friends and hope to have a couple of meets this year to greet some of them in person.
    Anyway to the point, many times some of my tinkerings are referred to here and over on that other site. Once Bugz asked me how many mods I'd done to my Tours. At that time I really didn't know, but I did post a partial list, and this is a changing document as new things are completed.
    I think this is the only car where the manufacturer built the best one first then started taking things away from it. Most of my mods have been to either replace those deleted items or improve on them. To that end most have been creature comforts, but there are performance ones included too.
    Now that I have boored you with gab, perhaps you can get excited with something below....... LOL
    Mods to my Tours:
    99 Contour SE V6/MTX just to make it as good as a 95 with a touch of SVT,……and more.
    · SVT E1 wheels.
    · BMW side marker lights – dual level(running & turning).
    · Cyclops brake light. (spoiler was stock)
    · Spoiler light hooked to tail lights (eventually dual level & turn signals)
    · Gold front Ford grill emblem.
    · Fog light mod.
    · Pre 98 lighted lock cylinder.
    · Pre 98.5 lighted entry door handle switches.
    · Pre 98 heated mirrors – body color.
    · 98 hood latch.
    · To do: (parts on hand)
    o Spoiler light dimmed and bright with turn signals.
    o Power antenna.
    o Pre 97 Latching gas door.
    o Pre 98 under hood light.
    Suspension & Brakes:
    · To do: (parts on hand)
    o E0 front brakes.
    o SVT springs.
    o 95 SE front & rear sway bars.
    · SVT air intake.
    · SVT throttle body – optimized.
    · Poly filled rear roll restrictor.
    · SVT stab-o-shock.
    · SVT exhaust system - cat back.
    · To do: (parts on hand)
    o SVT LIM & UIM.
    o SVT ECM.
    o SVT injectors.
    o SVT heads & cams.
    o Keyed shift tower mod.
    o SVT flywheel.
    · 98 Mystique dash w/ wood grain headlight and radio/HVAC bezels, and drivers side glove box.
    · SVT instrument pod.
    · Painted instrument bezel and steering column covers.
    · Cougar leather shift knob.
    · Cougar lock switches.
    · Clock.
    · Glove box light.
    · Lighted 99 dimmer switch.
    · Lighted moonroof switch.
    · Pyle radio single din - AM/FM, cassette tape, CD player.
    · Mystique leather seats w/ fold down rear seat backs.
    · Mystique rear dome light.
    · Mystique door panels w/ under door lights.
    · Under door light mod.
    · Dimming door handle pocket lights.
    · Pre 98.5 front door handles.
    · Auto up & down on front door windows.
    · Todo: (parts on hand)
    o Auto down on rear doors.
    o Pre 98.5 door handles on rear doors.
    o Locking glove box.
    o Glove box light.
    o Pre 97 trunk/gas door release.
    o Driver side visor w/ lighted mirrors.
    95 Contour 2.0L/ATX to fix things Ford forgot to install.
    · E0 SVT wheels
    · 95 Mystique trunk
    · 99 gold tone rear Ford reflector.
    · Gold antenna bezel.
    · Gold front Ford emblem.
    · Power antenna.
    · 98+ rear door sails.
    · Fog lights.
    · Under hood insulation.
    · To do:
    o Front & rear bumpers with gold tone inserts.
    o BMW side marker lights – dual level(running & turning).
    o Spoiler.
    Suspension & Brakes:
    · 95 SE front & rear sway bars.
    · Rear disc brakes.
    · Wiring harness upgrade per recall.
    · New timing belt.
    · New water pump.
    · New radiator.
    · Dual radiator fans.
    · SVT exhaust.
    · To Do:
    o SVT air intake.
    · Body wiring harness.
    · Dash wiring harness.
    · Under dash fuse box.
    · Tilt steering column.
    · Power windows with auto up & down on front door windows.
    · Mystique leather seats w/ fold down rear seat backs.
    · Mystique rear dome light.
    · Mystique door panels w/ under door lights.
    · Mystique dash & console.
    · Taurus coin & cup holder.
    · Up dated cup holder.
    · 99 lighted dimmer switch.
    · Lighted head light & fog light switch.
    · Wood grain headlight switch bezel.
    · Fog light mod.
    · Keyless entry.
    · To do:
    o Auto down for rear door windows.
    99 Contour SVT V6/MTX
    · 98 hood latch.
    · To do:
    o Spoiler.
    o BMW side marker lights – dual level(running & turning).
    o Pre 98 heated mirrors.
    o Pre 97 latching gas door.
    o Pre 98 under hood light.
    o Pre 98 lighted lock cylinders.
    o Pre 98.5 lighted entry door handle switches.
    Suspension & Brakes:
    · Bilstein struts.
    · To do:
    o SVT Focus front brakes.
    o Drilled & slotted rotors.
    o 95 SE front & rear sway bars.
    · Throttle hang fix.
    · To do:
    o Optimized throttle body.
    o Keyed shift tower mod.
    o Terry Haines tranny.
    · Cougar shift knob.
    · Lighted driver side visor mirror.
    · Mystique rear dome light.
    · Lighted moon roof switch.
    · 99 lighted dimmer switch.
    · Cougar door lock switches.
    · 95 Mystique dash w/ driver side glove box & console.
    · Taurus coin & cup holder.
    · Mystique lighted head light switch.
    · Glove box light.
    · To do:
    o Door handle pocket lights
    o Auto ups & down on windows.
    o Mystique door panels w/ under door lights.
    Some folks have done turbo or nitrous kits to the 4 banger for performance upgrades. Don't forget to change out your timing belt before it breaks. It won't hurt your engine if it does but it will be a major PIA when it leaves you stranded someplace.
    If you don't have the dash warp issue it is only a matter of time and while there are ways to fix it my favorite is to replace it with a 98 Mystique dash. You get a better looking dash and a driver side glove box. Start looking before you need it. One of the problems with these cars is that most parts from 95-00 contour & mystique are interchangeable...... and that makes about endless combinations to play with.

    If you have questions, or saw something you want to do and there isn't a How To, let me know and I can help.
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from SVTDEMON in Replacing the starter   
    This really isn't as bad as one might think. Just start with the idea that it will be a bit of a PIA and go from there. Actually since you have a 2k tour with a returnless fuel system that is a bit easier than a return style one.
    First you have to make a hole to get to it. Start by removing the air cleaner box and air tube all the way to the throttle body. Next remove the battery and battery box. Remove the throttle cable, and cruise control cable and, the bracket from the throttle body and move them out of the way.Now you have a hole to work in and you can see the starter bolts if you look close. Remove the battery connection from the starter there are two nuts to remove and they are different sizes. However there are three nuts in that area if you remove all three it is no big deal but you only need to remove the two on the connector. The first time I pulled the starter while doing a clutch job I removed the three of them.... Next get a 13mm boxend wrench and from the front under the TB and hoses you can get on the bolt and remove it. Now usig a long extention you can come right down on the rear bolt and remove it. Lastly you have to work it out of the hole you made it will get by the fuel line without disconnecting it, but you can disconnect it if you want. I didn't do that.For some reason I can place the pics in the text but they are somewhat in order of the discussion.Please ask all the questions you need to.Regards,AF

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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from sparky111 in Northwest Guys!   
    LOL welcome to the contour world.......  
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from Ferret II in Hey Aussie......   
    Your end link that needs replacing is it the white or black one ? It seems like usually it is the white one that wears out. Either one takes about a half hour to replace if you count the jacking of the car. We can even do it after work today or tomorrow if that works better for you.
    Like you say we can mess with all that other stuff later.
    A little about 95's. They have so many little things about them that just trying to get my 99 caught up to my 95 has caused no end to all the creature comfort mods. One of my personal favorite ones that really has little practical usage is the green light in the door handle pockets. I just think they are cool especially when they are connected to the dimmer switch.
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from SVTDEMON in passanger window   
    I agree Dom this whole thing doesn't sound right. There seems to be something missing in the info, but I can't put a finger on it.
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from SVTDEMON in control arm   
    I think you can just replace the bushings, and include the link too. Check with BAT Inc. for parts. 
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from SVTDEMON in 2000 Contour SE Sport Radiator fan Super Loud!!!   
    So what did you find out?????
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from SVTDEMON in P1151 at Smog Check   
    First off
    1. You don't usually need to.
    2. Buy new gaskets do not use gasket maker. FeltPro worked well for me.
    3. Unless you have oil leaks at the valve covers leave them alone. Run some seafoam in your UIM and putting a bit in your gas shouldn't hurt either before you remove the UIM&LIM. This is to help clean up your secondaries. Plan on cleaning your parts while they are off. It is a very messy job a lot of carbon in both, but worth the effort. Have a set of retainers handy for the connecting rod between the IMRC and the secondaries. The little plastic clips break easy, but can be replaced from a kit at the AP store for door lock rod retainers.
    There is a how to for the seafoam cleaning and the gasket replacement. You should also get one of the Ford CD's.
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from SVTDEMON in Rear Sway Link Removal   
    Consider this.... you need to have the rear swaybar in a neutral position where there isn't stress on it to do the replacement. Even with the car in the air you need to support the front and rear trailing arms. Yes you do the final torque with weight on them and your ramps would work good for that. Sometimes taking shortcuts can cause more damage than time saved. You won't be sad you pulled the wheels when you get in there.
    Take the extra time and do them correctly.
    My 2 cents,
    BTW to the site
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from jeffmknight in '99 SVT Returnless Fuel Pump Installation w/o tool   
    There was some posts about doing this install a few years ago, did you search this issue?
    In short there was no recommended way to do this without the tool, but people have used a razor knife and / or a pair of nippers. There is a special blade that installs in a razor knife handle which is used for cutting laminate, I think might work well. One has to be careful when working in the tank because of the fumes, and besure to clean out the debris. Take pics and post them here on you job to assist those that follow you down that road...... heck it may be me
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from jeffmknight in Cars back together but won't start.   
    You didn't do anything with the cams did you? if not the issue has to be with something like a connector that is not seated all the way perhaps even the connector to the PCM, or a ground issue. That is if your wiring harness is ok to start with. Since you have a 96 there could be an issue with one or more wiring harnesses now that they were disturbed IF they were not replaced during the recall.
    Since you seek to have everything but spark then start working backward from the coil pack..... Is the CP getting power? Remember a connector can seem to be plugged in but may not be seated completely. Old wires can break when moved around.
    This will just take a bit of retracing steps backward then when you find it, it will be something simple. (we hope)
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    Aussie Ford got a reaction from jeffmknight in Wiring Harness Shot   
    Check here for the wiring harness TSB and follow the directions included. Many people have replaced the harnesses and there are actually 4 in the engine compartment. do the checks. Since you have an E0 you need a 98 harness not a 95-97 or 98.5+. Some or all of your connectors are different. Beware of this fact. In regard to wiring you have a 2.5 with specific options, nothing SVT special about it.
    My 2 cents,
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