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  1. A year or so ago my turn signal would blink a few times then stop. If I wiggled the stalk they would blink a few more times, then stop. Turned out to be the turn signal relay mounted to the stalk.
  2. I've a spare silver rear bumper. Has about a 18" split in it though.
  3. I ordered one of their gears. Lasted a few years. Just stripped out at the end of the summer and I must have emailed them 20x about their 'lifetime' warranty with no response. Ended up ordering a new one, showed up in like 3 or 4 days.
  4. jhurd

    AC diagnosis

    thanks. follow up question - how does this affect the AC cycling?
  5. I was taking a look at my Ford CD and wondered what it meant by Throttle, O-rings damaged, leaking (see highlighted attachment). Do they mean the o-rings on the throttle shaft (in the throttle body?) Where should the o-rings/what do they look like. thanks Doc5.pdf
  6. jhurd

    Fog light renewal

    Been a while since I've posted, but figured I'd pass this along since I was supprised at the results (hence no before pics - I wasn't planning on it working). My fog lights have been hazed and 'yellowed' for quite some time. I decided to try and clean them up. Ended up using 600 grit wet sandpaper, then 1200 grit, and then finished with some meguiars polish on my buffer.
  7. jhurd

    turn signal stalk

    true, I think I've got my moneys worth. Still pullin 27-28mpg on trips! couldn't be happier.
  8. jhurd

    turn signal stalk

    anyone have their turn signal stalk/switch go bad? Is this common? I see the parts stores carry them, which makes me think they're a known problem. Mine still 'snaps/clicks' into the up/down positions, but sometimes my turn signals blink normal, sometimes 2 or 3 times then stop, sometimes not at all. If I tap the end of the stalk with my finger, the signals will start blinking again which makes me think its the stalk/switch, not a bad ground or flasher/relay. Damn things are kinda pricey too. thanks
  9. thanks. teamfordparts.com (they aren't the same since Bill Jenkins left) lists them, but they said they are discontinued. My local ford dealer tracked some to a ford dealer in wisconsin- they have 70 (well 68 now). Kinda price though at $27 each.
  10. Anyone have a source for rear (disc) dust shields? I'm replacing my rear hubs and the dust shields are pretty rusted where they fit around the 'axle' stub. thanks
  11. jhurd

    sunroof motor cover

    thanks dom. let me know.
  12. finally getting around to looking at my sunroof issue. thought it would be the gear, but looks like it might be the cover. 2 questions: 1. is my gear still in decent shape? 2. who's got a spare cover they'd like to part with
  13. not too many of these around in this condition (especially in WNY). Wish I had got a better shot of the trunk. Yep, thats a 1984/85 ford escort DIESEL.
  14. Tempting. I've never tried to recover a seat though (my driver's seat has a small hole in it).
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