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  1. Sorry with the previous post focusing on one candidate, but this problem didn't happen overnight (or during the last administration, or maybe the one before that). This is not a us vs. them (political dems vs. repubs) problem. The US govt according to what I've read (our elected officials..) have precipitated this on the public through regulation changes from the late 80's, and it was just a matter of time before the house of cards collapsed. Some folks got real rich; maybe we'll learn from this is & make sure it doesn't happen again....(or maybe not)....
  2. Sorry to have to add; still learning how to navigate thru the site & I cut myself off. You know way much more than I do; 3L conversion, etc, and for the KBB value of the SVT this is way over valued. I'd ask you to be patient & teach me, because I'm no Jay Leno :) , but if I had $8500 free I'd be offering it to the seller for this car.
  3. 10g sounds like a lot, but what are you going to get if you spend your $$ elsewhere?? I just hope a car like this doesn't end up with some kid that butchers it up to impress his friends & beats the crap out of it..
  4. Wanted to say thanks to Dom, Terry, and everyone else that helps out with their time and experience to help all of us enjoy our cars more. You guys are a great resource for those of us that haven't been around the Contour as long (or just don't have the same mechanical savvy) and save us a lot of time and headaches. Plus you do it for free; I just don't get how people can b**** and moan when you ask them to do something as simple as post a message. Blessings & a Happy New Year to all FCO members! Dan
  5. Spridget, Thanks for the info. What I bought just has "Cougar 2.5L, 6-cylinder" on the front; package code # is M-12259-C625. Quality of the wires looks good; wanted to get 9mm so one of the reasons I bought them. Just getting back from vacation, so I have to find the time to pull the Contour into the garage & see what I've got. Thanks again! Dan
  6. Same here; I'll take a couple if you have some or are getting them made
  7. Thanks Rikk; I found some that were labeled "2.5 Cougar" and the price was too good to pass on. Haven't put them on yet but glad to hear some feedback. Dan
  8. Thanks for posting the link!
  9. And in answer to Terry's question; no; so if you're willing to teach I'm willing to listen
  10. Anyone ever try the Ford Racing plug wires, and if so how did you like them?
  11. Sounds like good advice; I haven't had the opportunity to deal with BAT yet but others speak highly of them & they seem devoted to trying to serve the Ford community. Thanks again for your time and patience! Dan
  12. Well Terry, I thought I had it figured out. Wasn't going to buy the pump with the metal impeller since he was the one claiming OEM & you said no way it's OEM if it's metal. So I e-mailed Northern Auto Parts about the Airtex pump that was redesigned, but he says the impeller is black. Since I don't know if they have changed the composition of the plastic with the redesign, I'm going to take your advice & stay away from any pump with black. Thanks again though for sharing the info; I'm going to keep on shopping. Dan
  13. Got it; thanks Terry!
  14. Hey, I appreciate all of the interest and responses everyone has posted. I don't have water pump issues yet, but I bought the car used & since it just turned 60K I figured this is preventive maintainence I should do from what I've read here and on the BAT site. I Don't know if this will be helpful, but I'll add it as information for the discussion. If any of you care to check out these eBay auctions, this is what I found available from sellers on there. Item #300104843542 is the Airtex pump with the plastic impeller that the seller said was redesigned after problems with corrosion from the metal impeller. Item #130009571341 is an OEM water pump with a metal impeller and a supposed lifetime warranty. I hadn't checked with the local Ford dealer yet, but if that is what everyone is getting the best results with I'll give them a call. Thanks again to everyone for taking time to share your knowledge & experience! Dan
  15. Yikes!, that's pretty salty. I've got the Airtex located on eBay delivered for $45. What happened to yours at 61K?
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