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My 00 SVT

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  1. My 00 SVT

    Hey Hey Hey

    Thats no good! I am in redmond, but i did live in kenmore for while... Do you know anyone else in this area who's got an SVT?
  2. My 00 SVT

    Hey Hey Hey

    NEVER!!! Its Black too... GRRRR... tell me about it... As soon as she gets a bath, It rains!
  3. My 00 SVT

    Hey Hey Hey

    I have had my 2000 Svt for about 7 months... I bought her for myself for my B-day.. SVT's are my passion!!! Anyone in the Seattle area??
  4. My 00 SVT

    done and done ...

    You need to black out the tail lights! that would look amazing!
  5. My 00 SVT

    safe and sound ...

    I love the color!!
  6. My 00 SVT

    My Baby!

    2000 SVT

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