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  1. I talked to Torsen, the guy guessed right off the bat I was calling for the MTX-75 unit. If you go to the Torsen Traction home page the unit is in stock for $625 at the top of the 2nd page of the catalog. Hope this link works- Torsen for MTX-75 Thanks again Terry. I never would have thought they sold direct to the public and had one or more of these guys in stock.
  2. Thanks Terry. I have not heard of Kaaz. What is their reputation according to you?
  3. Im looking to add the Torsen to my trans, and using this number m-4204-F20 I cant find anyone who has one, and nothing on e-bay. Is Quaife the only way to go these days, short of finding a used part?
  4. Also there are times when I come to a stop and as I push in the clutch and drop the trans into neutral the RPM will actually rise a little and stay there, then drop a little. Its very erratic but its always a problem. It used to be where I would blip the throttle and that would take care of it but not any more.
  5. So recently the car started to idle ~2000 rpm and it took a long time to go from 5k to 2k. And then when I am at a stop and its at 2k or 1500 I can stab the throttle and SOMETIMES it will drop down to under 1k. Sometimes it would stay at 5k for a few seconds and just hang there before falling to 2k. It seems to be getting progressively worse. I drive about 50-100 miles a week. Other than a funky IAC what else could be the problem? Throttle cable? I have to think about the throttle cable simply because it sometimes fixes the idle when I stab the throttle. Under the hood the TB ass
  6. Does anyone have exp. removing the old cables and installing the late style complete cable assembly? I have time Tuesday to get it in the air I just need to know if there are is anything (minus adjustment) that can be tricky and how long a job it can take. Thanks!
  7. Well the 3.0 had low miles and ive put another 20k. Its pretty fast now but who doesnt want more power?
  8. ok the dealer has the part coming for friday. what kind of a pain is it swapping cables?
  9. Thats the part. You said parts are available for new cables with different style ends that fit to a pin type tower? From Ford?
  10. Every time I try to get rid of it I get it all dressed up and take a ride. Its just too fun and as much as I tear around here with how much law enfocement we have here I am amazed I still have not been tagged for 1 speed violation (until later today, Im sure). Anyway since the last time I used to frequent these forums I went to school for marine (boat) service tech. and just graduated. I have been working as an auto tech at a garage in town for a while know but I just passed all my Mercury University tests and can work for a dealer. The Contour has had some upgrades and more coming
  11. Im looking to find a source for the black cable end clamp that fits to the shift tower. Ford wasnt much help and Ill need a prayer going through the junkyards around here. Im slowly bringing this baby back to life.
  12. Alright. I dont know what can be so much more complicated with this than any other trans. I bought this car 3 maybe 4 years ago. Nothing but problems. Maybe Monday late afternoon you can call me. Adam 239-269-3271
  13. I am going to have my trans rebuilt, 1998.5 Contour SVT, cable shift. Dom did my 3 liter. Basically the TOB and PP are shot so that has to be replaced. Theres a good trans shop in town, and Im asking them how much for a rebuild and add the Torsen diff. He told me the price for parts for all new synchro/bearings etc. He was concerned about the parts for the Torsen unit. I showed him the page from the Team Ford website. He was asking about carrier bearings and shims etc for the Torsen, what was included / needed. He was also concerned if he could check the pre-load or backlash or some
  14. Not everyone has enough money to buy a new car.
  15. Youve got an extra couple thousand bucks for a turbo kit.
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