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  1. I have Bridgestone Blizzak WS-50's. I have two winters on them, and have at least one more winter to go. They are fantastic in winter conditions here in Michigan. Just one caution, though, don't do alot of long distance dry pavement driving on them. They will wear fast if you do.
  2. Ah, that's a 7 litre, 428 motor. they were quite fast for a big car.
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    Pics of my cars
  4. I was helping a friend look up some info for his Mustang and saw a link to the site during one of the searches.
  5. Hello, all. I found this site by accident and since I own a CSVT, thought I should join. My Contour SVT is a T-Red 1998. It is build number 6 of 6535. It was built on November 12, 1996. It is a no option SVT, no sunroof or premium sound. It presently has 91k miles on it. My CSVT is my daily driver. I also own a 1979 Datsun 280ZX with a 355 small block chevy in it. I am located in Middleville, Michigan.
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