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  1. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 02 June 2007 - 01:03 AM Owner: OB1 Short Description: Slightly modded. View Vehicle
  2. OB1

    New 99 SVT

    I have a set of wheels but the tires on this car were recently replaced & it just rides so good! I'm gonna rock the stockers for a little while unless I go ahead & do the brake upgrade this summer. Tropic Green is the only color I don't own guys, I just like T-red the bestest!
  3. OB1

    New 99 SVT

    Updated pics from this weekend, finally got some work done to this thing.
  4. OB1

    New 99 SVT

    As for why so many, I don't know I like them i guess. I also have stockpiled so many parts I'll be good for quite some time. I bought the DD wrecked there was a thread on here about the repairs on it. I wrecked my pride & joy & will probably be returning it to stock to either pass inspection or part. The one I just purchased i wanted a clear titled toy w/ tan interior & this thing is surprisingly clean & well maintained for 131K. The Black SVT I picked up in Miami & you should check out my gallery for pics of it when I first picked it up. It was in pretty rough shape to say the least. I'll have a nice cheap silverfrost up for sale as soon as I finish up the 3L for the record.
  5. OB1

    New 99 SVT

    I picked this one up Friday 99 SVT, Mostly stock its got a 21mm rear sway bar & thats it. Tan interior which is what I've been wanting for my project car. it has new headlights new struts & fairly new tires along with new brakes and a new cat that probably wont get much use. Most of you know that I wrecked my main squeeze a while back & even though I repaired it i am having trouble getting it titled. Since I wanted tan interior anyway I'm just going to pour all of my stuff into the new ride. Excuse the crappy pics. The team! My Baby The DD. The wifes The new addition I have to get more/ better pics I've been to busy cruising in this thing.
  6. OB1

    SVT 4087 (wifes)

    Wifes car saved from major abuse
  7. OB1

    SVT 2527

  8. My 98 #1825 is all original & it has the 5 preset button cd player in it. It works fine hence the only reason I haven't pulled it. If the other offers fall through pm me. I have an aftermarket HU ready to go in just haven't done the deed yet.
  9. I have had that tap on several engines & it has always ended up being a rod bearing, sounds like a HLA though. Good luck with it anyway, perseverance pays off.
  10. OB1


    Hurry Up & lets get a dyno day together!
  11. OB1

    SVT 1825

    Saved from the crusher. DD!
  12. This was well put & covers it all. This is by far the best way to look at the whole ordeal! This post was the official end of the thread in my eyes, & I salute you Dom.
  13. Welcome to the boards. You should hang out with some of us GA members. There are a few crazies running around your neck of the woods. Those chrome E1's are awesome but I'm a little biased!
  14. I really like your valve covers. Hope you get this issue figured out.
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