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  1. Just want to let everyone here know that I'm selling my super clean upgraded 3L Contour SVT on Ebay. Thanks everyone it's been fun! Ebay link: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eB...AQ:MOTORS:1123 Build thread: CEG-vb/showthread.php?40529-Guess-what-I-picked-up&highlight='>http://www.contour.org/ CEG-vb/showth...-up&highlight= If I posted in the wrong section sorry.
  2. I gave it a look see. It now does it at partial turns. Next time on the lift I'll lock one wheel then rotate the other and see if I can hear the clunk. I'll PM you with a Torsen Question.
  3. Good though. I'll check this weekend.
  4. Its doing it more often now. If the wheel is turned hard either way it'll clunk. It does clunk at the same revolution every time. I might pull the shifter and see if I cant take a look inside.
  5. Both sets of drive shafts were intalled by me and done correctly. Maybe it just the restrictors. Should I not turn in so much?
  6. First I'd like to say the tranny still shifts like new. The only question I have is about the Torsen. Early this spring I ran the car at a drag strip. I had some wheel hop and ever since then I've had a clunking noise making very sharp turns. My though was that one of the CVJ went bad. I had both replaced. The complete suspension has been gone though exept the lower control arm bushings which look good. This leaves me to belive that the noise is coming from my transmission. The torsen works fine. I want to say my first CSVT had the same issue. Have you had this issue with other torsen diffs?
  7. Name: Ford SVTC (2000) Date Added: 09 August 2009 - 01:35 AM Owner: Dukeofsho Short Description: Clean 3.0 Conversion View Vehicle
  8. I've tried that method several times with retro installation of modern engines in muscle cars. Screws always seem to work their way loose due to the forward/back motion of the plate even with loctite. Even with the slightest movement of the shaft to the plate they begin to wear.
  9. My mom used to say If it aint broke dont fix it! needless to say I didnt listen to her. I took a trip to the salvage yard to find the perfect linkage and shaft to go with my 65mm TB. There are none. Standard 2.5 are upside down, 3ls are close but there would still be a cable length problem. The only linkage that would work would be the stock 60mm linkage plate. I bought another used 60mm TB to use as parts (didnt want to cut up mine just in case it didnt work). 65mm on the left - I marked where the shaft should be in relationship to the throttle blade on the 65mm TB - Using a die grinder I ground down the pressed portion of the shaft that holds the throttle plate in place on both TBs. - After cleaning up both the shaft and plate I welded the 60mm linkage plate to the 65mm shaft - I mocked up the new linkage plate and shaft. I found a small clearance issue at the closed stop. I trimmed down the stop tab and just a little off the plastic. - Reassembled the unit using the 65mm return spring. 65mm on the right. - Once on the engine I noticed that the plate was slightly closer to the TB then the 60mm. Once the linkage bracket was bolted in place I moved the bracket assembly closer to the TB. The throttle pedal feels great! Pros: Great pedal feel Throttle plate works as it should Cruise control cable snaps right on in the same position as stock Stock appearing Cons: Good welding skills needed (if the plate overheats you could melt the plastic) The loss of a rare SVT 60mm TB. You could return it to stock by grinding off the weld and weld the plate back to the 60mm if so desired or pay someone to do it. More pictures here: http://s6.photobucket.com/albums/y212/Dukeofsho/65mm%20TB/
  10. Humm, so no one really knows if this pump flows anymore then the SVTC? Since I already have the pump and running Nitrous I guess it can't hurt to install the Focus pump? I did some checking on my contour pump: Right now it reads 30psi at idle Max reading I could get out of it while cycling the key was 60 psi. Wondering if my stock pump might be weak.
  11. Nope, mine works fine. I bough it a while back thinking it was an upgrade since I'm going to run nitrous. Not sure if I should keep it or sell it off.
  12. If you look on the Mustang forums they call the focus pump an upgrade. Even some lightning guys use it.
  13. Well, I've had a brand new Ford SVT Focus fuel pump (I don't know if there is a diference between the standard) sitting on the shelf. My question, is the Focus fuel pump an upgrade, equal or a downgrade? I have heard/ seen many different opinons.
  14. I will check both things before even starting the car. I rather install a metal spacer of some sort before intalling plexiglass. I would buy a spacer, fabricate one up myself or have one made. Way too much time and $$$ into it to go cheap now.
  15. Hello Terry, I just want to say your trans is still shifting like glass. I LOVE IT! I would like to install a Steeda short throw shifter. Do you recommend this shifter? I know that my shifter mount would have to be changed to a Pre 2000. Do you think that installing a short throw will damage anything?
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