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  1. as I said in the other forum, I am heading up there sunday morning to compete with my 99 SVT, and I was wondering if any of the Local guys and ladies want to get together and have a great day at the track. PM me if your going and want to meet up. http://www.fordcontour.org/TASCACom-Mustan...dow-t11361.html
  2. So as it says, I am going to be up at New England Dragway, on Sunday the 5th for the Tasca ford Mustang showdown. I was wondering if any of the New England Area FCO members would like to get together and hang out, talk shop and maybe do some racing during the day. I will be there around 8am or so, PM me if you want my number to meet up on the way or once your in the track. BlksvtC03052
  3. I think that the new Tom Clancy game...End War kinda gets my feelings for it... however...I think that we may already be in a "WW3" although its quieter, than the oh Sh!T here comes the nukes kind of war, as much as a hate to use a Bush ism "the war on Terror" is a world war, nation states sponcer terror cells, and the rest of the world responds. however if you want a good old fashion war, I think its gonna be China/North Korea VS US, UN....my bet is North Korea's gonna go south and try and take the south (again) before the country collapses. we fight back, china gets involved and then bam we got a giant conflict
  4. I agree keep it original...as for the wing, maybe a single airfoil wing would be in my taste, but if I could get that kit I would put the wing on it because it was tested with the kit to help with down force. My biggest issue is that I don't like the center exit tail pipes, I am a big fan of the regular SVT exhaust style Congrats on your one of a kind Purchase love to see her on the road again!
  5. BlkSVTC03052

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    yeah so here are some random photo's that I have taken.
  6. Terry with the Shocks, what do you recomend with that spring set. (Spax, BAT, Koni ect?) thank you for you quick responce.
  7. Hey all, I was just wondering if there were ay Aerodynamic bits (i.e.. A Mirko and a Rear Spoiler[other than stock]) that will help with keeping my car from being blown around at moderate to high speeds. above 65-70 mph my SVT seems to get pushed around a lot by aerodynamic forces (wind, other traffic), what can I do to help this problem? I was also planning on putting the Bat Springs and Bilestein combo on the SVT this coming spring, this will lower the car about one inch, will that help in this department? Thanks, Rob D. 1999 CSVT #402
  8. All set now, I found a set that poped on CEG...$110 for both sides.
  9. This really bites .... FCO and CEG both don't have any Driver sides available....I am almost thinking about going Cobra R style on this thing and Taking both skirts off! I really don't want to because the car looks so nice with them on. Is there any one that either has a Pair of Skirts or knows if the Razzi Side skirts work with the Stock SVT body work?
  10. Hey folks before you start to scream ""USE THE SEARCH FEATURE!!!!1!" I already tried Bill Jenkins, and they could not locate a Driver side SVT Contour Side Skirt. the story goes Last winter I had a Minor off road excursion and ripped the Front part of the Skirt off the car, Over the Summer I was Very poor so I could not afford to buy parts, this year I am less poor so I can get parts. so heres what I am looking for: 1 Driver side SVT Side skirt (Black Prefered, however Painting is an option) if any one can help me I would be a Very Very Very Happy Owner and fellow Contour Enthusiest. Thank you, Robert Dionne 1999 Contour SVT #402
  11. Ok so My CEL came on last night and I went to VIP Auto and they read the Code, I got this from there machine>>> Camshaft Position Sensor A Bank 1 Circuit Malfunction I have noticed that the car has a slight hesitation, and seems to be down on some Power. however the car doesn't seem to have and driving issues. what is the story with this particular problem and how do I fix it. Thanks all, Rob Dionne 1999 SVT Contour #402
  12. I just want the Body Kit....it looks so awesome. It would look awesome in black.
  13. yes its true, I was searching the Saleen Website for mustang parts and Bam....there it is on the Pre owned page...gentlemen break out your bibs and check books http://www.saleen.com/preowned.htm
  14. Its coming to that time again and I need Winter wheels and tires for the Contour. the junk yard by my home has a set of 15" SE rims with winter tires, U was wondering if these wheels will clear the Stock SVT Brakes that are on my car?
  15. Hello Fellow CDW27 Peoples, I was wondering if these particular pieces will work on my SVT Contour Short Throw Shifter http://store.roushperformance.com/detail.aspx?ID=43 Shift knob http://store.roushperformance.com/detail.aspx?ID=64
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