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  1. Well i have not been on here much lately transmission sprung a leak and leaving puddles of transmission fluid every time i started her up. The transmission was completely done had her parked for a while, found someone to come take her away. I was sad to see it go but it went to a good home. The guy who bought it was going to use it for a parts car, same year and color. Glancing through some newspapers a ways from my area an ad caught my eye. 98 contour manual for sale, Now believe me i have had my share of problems with my old car, been down right disgusted just seeing it sit there broken again. I have to admit i was never a ford guy always a chevy guy and i still am today but I sure Love the contours. So since i rarely see a good looking contour, or even a running contour in my area or even within a few 100 miles i will be taking the plunge again this time in a manual like i wanted with the first contour i bought. I have never owned a manual before so when i go on my trip to see this car what should i look for? Like problem areas, do people still add sawdust to make the shifting smooth? During the test drive what should i look for in shifting, clutching ect... Any of your help is always appreciated and I should be driving her by january as long as she is still for sale at that point. Thanks
  2. hello long time no post, well my contour has bitten the dust last week. Transmission finally said enough is enough and sprang a big leak. I just filled my gas tank before it happened and i bought a bulb siphon from walmart but can not get into the tank itself. I have look under a little bit at the tank itself but can not find a plug. is there a way to bypass the screen? I searched online and some people use the gas line at the motor and connect a clear tube on the end and use the pump from the tank itself by just turning the car to the on position to fill the gas can. i have no idea where a bouts the gas line connects to the motor on my car. is this way feasible? if so if i provide some pictures of under my hood could someone point out the gas line unless its under the bottom side of the motor. i was checking my fluid levels today and had the car on and in neutral and there was no marking on the trans stick. looked under my driver side front tire and a big puddle of trans fluid on the ground. i have searched here and there for a rebuilt transmission but none in my area and they said the closest one is in texas and would cost me over 3 grand to get it shipped and installed. I dont have that kind of cash so im sad to say i am in the process of selling my car. Still looking for a manual contour but they are hard to find in my area of minnesota. So any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Quick question. I am going to but in the before and after pre cat o2 sensors in if they were the bad ones will the cel go off?
  4. this is one site http://info.automotix.net/keystone/search....r&year=1998 another one, I think this site was at 98 cant seem to find the website anymore, i should of bookarked it. http://www2.partstrain.com/store/index.php...294967265+11921 nope I found it http://www.thecarpartwarehouse.com/ford-co...-5166-item.html Not sure the brand names but its better than paying over 200 per side.
  5. Well My headlights are really bad, yellow scratched, and had water inside them after i bought this car. They have always worked but low beams dont reach that far so I looked online and saw prices ranging from 300-400 dollars each. Are you serious?!!!!? Anyways looking farther I saw them for 98 each, and through work I found I can get them for about 78 each so I am going to get them ordered and slap them on with some new beams, was thinking of getting the new car blue beams. What do you think?
  6. Thanks for the heads up. guess no one has any info for me lol.
  7. very nice, smae color as mine. I was also thinking of doing the work myself but I dont have access to a lift, so i might have to bite the bullet on it and bring it to a shop after I get my transmission rebuilt.
  8. I saw that he passed away after i got home from work at 3 am. I am sad, he was and is a great man. I am glad I got to see him perform in person before he passed away. may he rip.
  9. Boss Hog

    need help!!

    Dont want to get ot here but does anyone make stuff that you can plug into the exsisting wiring for the se? I saw this online http://www.bodykits.com/3202/3235/6988/699...ES-p-50203.html
  10. Well a while back i posted a code which was to do with my egr pressure sensor, i believe it was a P0401 but don't quote me on that. Well I checked my codes again today after i clocked out of work at carquest and come to find that the code for the egr is gone and I didn't clear the code so maybe it was clogged and came out of it? Anyways, I have two codes now and they are P0420 and P0430, I looked them up and it has to do with the cat. Im sure the first step is to change the O2 sensors, or is this a tell tale sign that new cats are needed? I work for a parts store for one of my jobs as stated above so I do get a discount on parts, if its the cats are they hard to replace, like do i need to weld anything like you do with a new muffler? is there a diagram somewhere online anyone knows about that shows where they are? I will check after this post but thought i would ask since im already here. Next week I have to machine my rotors and drums since the car shakes when i apply the brakes, and might as well install new pads. In case you were wondering my transmission is still working lol, almost have the money to get it rebuilt. Any help is always appreciated, Mike
  11. Well next month I will finally have my transmission rebuilt, getting the money together was the big thing. I have a p0401 code pop up which is the EGR, I looked up on another post here and saw you should try to remove the throttlebody and gasket and clean around there. Now will this make the cel shut off if that was the problem assuming I dont have to buy a new EGR, isnt too bad of a part since i can buy it from work at a discount. or do i need to clear the code and run it to see if it pops back on? what should i use to clean this area? Also my ride is very bumpy so i think im going to have to replace the shocks and struts in the car as well. Any information or direct me to another post would be appreciated.
  12. Ok thank you for your advise terry, I have read and saved those issues to a folder on my pc. I will be going with a local non chain transmission shop. A month or so I will have the money to get it fixed. once again thanks.
  13. Well I have decided to get my transmission rebuilt, I have put too much money into this car to sell if off and get another car with problems I have to deal with. Most of the minor and some of the major stuff in my car has been replaced with the exception of a new timing belt. I have to put new shocks in this car sometime in the near future but aside from that its a great car. I have been quoted from one shop 2600 for a overhaul, Another shop estimated 1400 just by talking over the phone. what is the average prices in your areas? Any input is appreciated,
  14. Had them take my car for a test drive and it is no final, i will have to get it overhauled. this guy charges around 2600. If i was to buy a reman or used one he would install it for 600. so now back to square one, he did say i can drive the car with o/d off it wont hurt anything just will get bad mpg.
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