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  1. I have a 99 Ford Contour LX with a 2.0 in it. I was working on it today and found oil leaking from a broken hose connected to the bottom of the plastic intake manifold. There shouldn't be oil going into the intake, so I traced the hose from the intake around the engine to a metal "box" on the block behind the converter and I was just wondering what the box is for, and if the oil could have came from the box? If not where would the oil have gotten into the intake from?
  2. I have a 99 contour, and the dash is warped. As a fix I heard that you can replace it with a vent from a 98 or older, I found a vent but I can't figure out howto remove it from the car without breaking it. Any help will be great.
  3. My car had a problem similar to this when I changed my intake, go to an auto parts store, and buy "maf cleaner made by CRC" it works great, when you had the intake apart, the hot wires on the maf could have gotten dirty, causing a bad readings.
  4. It is the Batt. light, I know because it still happens, and it dosen't cause any problems for me. Basicly if I were to pull out the light, I would never know there is an issue.
  5. My light has been flicking on ever since I had the car. since then I have put in a new batt. and I have checked the alternator. All is good, I figure that there is nothing truly wrong, when you rev your car that high all of the power that the alt. is putting out is going into the engine and not charging the batt. causing the light. Since my car has been doing this for over 7 months, and I see no problems, i think all this means is that you are pushing the limits of your car and nothing else. This is just my thought.
  6. Ok so now that I have the clock all hooked up, there is a new "problem". The am and pm on the clock dose not work, and also the clock is in 24 hr mode. I know that these two issues are related, so what I guess I am asking is how do I get my clock off 24 hr mode?
  7. I took off the front windows, and the local cop signed the ticket.
  8. The cop said that I had to remove it all, he was a state, but I went to my local cops and the guy said that he would not have pulled me over, but wouldn't sign the ticket. So I am going to remove the front and leave the rest, because I didn't tell the local that the state told me to remove it all. So we will see what happens. Also I live in Pennsylvania, the "law" states that 70% is the limit, but it seems to vary a lot.
  9. That sounds like a good idea, thanks
  10. How much, about, will it cost to pull it, I want it done right (no ripping off my rear defrosters), so I don't want to do it myself.
  11. I got pulled over today for my window tint, and I have 15 days to remove all of it and show it to a cop. However I really like my tint and I don't want to remove it. Has anyone ever had this problem, and if so what did you do. I don't want it to come to removing it and getting it put back on, and costing me $200+ and a day without my car. I heard that there is a fine that I can pay insted of showing my car, but nobody seems to know for shure. Any help I can get would make me very happy.
  12. Sorry about puting it there, I didn't notice it untill I had posted it, and thanks for the input, I would rather buy springs, but I found these cheep and it was just a thought.
  13. What do you think of Ground Control Coil Overs, has any one used them?
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