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    03 EVO, 98 Contour SE V6
  1. Looks like it is coming along just fine man!
  2. Now thats how you clean a car! Interior would look sweet in all black now Ryan...go ahead make it happen! LOL
  3. Quick pull away the pipe swallowed your.....LMAO
  4. You must read my mind...I'm sittin here putting the two parts of the console back together thinking "damn I ned pics of my brackets only to remember... I left themon my desk at work. I'll get em tommorow. They are nothing fancy.
  5. You dont NEED them, but as you can see I cant leave weel enough alone. I over do it. LOL I just want the console to be very solid. I hate squeaky cars.
  6. I'm finally going to put the interior back in. Center console was in the back seat all weekend as I was studying for mid terms. So tonight I will get some epoxy to put it back together and tommorow night it will go in with some nice brackets I made for the pre 98 dash to fit the 98+ car and not wobble all over the place. We'll see....
  7. It NEEDS wheels....LMAO and an SVT body kit too........any ideas on where I can find one?
  8. Negative. The talon has a 5 x114 pattern. I know the focus has the same bolt pattern but thats all I know of for sure. I'm a NOOB. LOL
  9. LOL, aint that the truth! My SE was just gonna be a daily and has been in the garage every day since I got her. LMAO
  10. Cant blame a man for tryin...LOL Congrats on a sweet pick up though man, I paid 1000 for me SE.x edition...LMFAO thats a 1 of a kind model that only I have...the SE.x
  11. Shoot straight down 78 to N Chas and you cant miss it... LOL You have a PM.
  12. Decided to leave the doors as is, but change the color of the trim work to graphite like the dasn accents.
  13. I see what you mean about the door panels. Yeah I can see that would be more difficult. Invest the 6 bux in can of Total Prep... its worth it. :) For spraying start wide and spray in side to side sweeping motion. Start before you hit your panel and stop after your clear of the panel.
  14. I'll let you drive it for the weekend............... If you swamp me your SVT bumpers...LMFAO
  15. The reason you have those streaks is two fold probably. 1. Not enough prep work. What did you prep the panels with??? If the car has seen "protectants" like armour all etc and you dont remove all the residue the vinyl color wont havd a good base to penetrate. 2. paint wasnt sprayed evenly, but thats not always the case. I started using SEM black dye, but I ran out so I went to advance and bought DupliColor Vinyl and fabric spray. Workes wonders. It applies just like SEM and cost about 4 bux a can LESS. My door is 1 piece also, I just taped the seems and used a credit card to make sure the tape was down in the groove. What kind of tape did you use? If the tape came up its because it was having trobule sticking to the material which points toward armor all type residue still on the panel.
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