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  1. My issue is my cars power distribution block harness and interior harness are pre 3/98 vintage since my cars built date is 3/25/97. However the replacement engine harness I have is a post 3/98 harness. So there are slight differences with some of the circuits. I think I’ve isolated it to the PATS and clutch switch interface to the starter relay coil circuit ground and the VSS signal circuit that feeds the cruise control, instrument cluster, and ECM.
  2. I think I’m piecing it together. I’ve got the connector views from the service manual CD and it shows the possible wire colors and circuit ID’s. I’ve been comparing them to what I have and matching circuit ID’s from the C421 ECM connector and the C3001 connector and doing continuity tests to verify. Still would be nice to have a full schematic to trace wires though.
  3. Been a while since I’ve posted on here... I’ve searched around the ole interwebs and on the forum with limited success. I’m trying to get my hands on the engine bay harness wire schematics for an early 98 E0 2.5L Contour and a 98.5 E1 2.5L Contour schematic. I had received a replacement harness for my car on trade a while back and didn’t think twice as I was told it was a E0 harness. It had the green knock sensor connector and the correct shift tower connector foe the reverse light. However here I am 9yrs later and I’m chasing electrical gremlins. I have
  4. Just thought I would update this thread. I went ahead and purchased an Aeromotive 3/8" SAE quick connect to AN-08 port adapter (p/n 15118). It is the correct size. Here are the pics to show it... Also here are my other goodes to go along with it...
  5. Not sure what the deal is but it wouldn't let me edit and add a link properly to my post to my build thread over on CEG.... http://www.contour.org/CEG-vb/showthread.php?51628-49-s-new-powerplant-has-arrived-let-the-build-begin&p=750348#post750348 copy and past I guess...
  6. It started out as an NPG stage II kit with the upgraded Garrett turbo. However I'm not satisfied with some of the pipe layout and the intercooler setup. So I'm building some of my own piping to make the setup how I want it. I'm familiar with Garrett turbos and actually have direct contacts there so I'm most likely going to stay with a Garrett turbo. I have quite a lengthy build thread on <acronym title="Contour.Org">CEG</acronym> under the 3L section. Here is the link, CEG-vb/showthread.php?51628-49-s-new-powerplant-has-arrived-let-the-build-begin&p=750348#post75034
  7. Dom maybe you should have a little history on my car and build. First off I choose E85 for its ability to get me to higher horsepower levels with higher compression without denotation while under boost. I've replaced the entire fuel system on the car. I'm running 1000cc Injector Dynamic injectors, Aeromotive 13101 pressure regulator, Aeromotive A1000 18668 fuel pump with a 100 micro ss filter, 25 micron SS in-line fuel filter and I'm creating all new fuel lines with PTFE SS braided lines to support the E85. I also checked on the fuel tank and it's capable of handling E85, but I'm buying a
  8. So it's looking at your link that part is a 1/4" SAE quick disconnect port. I'm confused as I measured the end of the line with a caliper and it was pretty much right on at 0.375" all the way up. I'm going to a AN-08 line and will be using E85. So I'll be using a PTFE braided line.
  9. Trying to figure out what fitting I can get by with on this rail. I'm running a new fuel line that will be an AN-08 for the new feed and I want to know what adapter I need to get from the OEM fuel rail to my AN-08 fitting. I believe that the rail I have is just a standard 3/8" nipple SAE quick disconnect (it's not the Ford Spring-lock style like the factory Contour fuel rails). The OD of the nipple is 0.375 measured using a dial caliper. So I am thinking that this Russell Performance adapter, p/n 644003 will do the trick but I want to make sure before I go and drop $15+ on one fitting. An
  10. Went to send you a PM and was notified that you can not accept any new messages... guessing your inbox is full.
  11. If you have the door panels I may be interested in them. I'm going to canablize it for the Midnight Blue vinyl on them though... So shipping could be easy... just peel off the vinyl, fold it up in an envelope and mail it. If no one makes any offers on them and they are going to the dumpster I'd take the vinyl off the four front door panels you have. Not sure what that would be worth. Let me know! Thanks.
  12. Ah that makes sense. I just don't have another dowel pin laying around that I could use. Didn't even think you could get those anymore if you needed one. However I suppose you have some of those laying around. I'll put the tower in a separate box, although I'm running out of room with all the other parts going along with it although I'll find a way. I tell you those Glad forceflex bags work really well for packing peanuts. They can stretch and form around the trans. I'd imagine everything should be ready to go out Monday after I get off work.
  13. So I'm finally getting around to shipping my trans into you Terry (it's taken months...) however now that I have acquired a old style Contour tower I have found that it doesn't fit onto the 02 Cougar MTX75. It appears that the alignment pin (as I call it, see pictures below) on the newer MTX75 is taller, which fits into the oversized hole on the lower bolt hole of the later style tower bolt pattern. The old style tower uses this alignment pin as well, but it doesn't protrude up into the top casting of the tower. Only the steel 'fork' so to speak below the mounting surface uses it so on my o
  14. Fair enough. I think I'll just be running with some colder NGK plugs and stick with my MSD DIS-4, Accel coil pack, and Taylor Thundervolt wires then.
  15. Alright so I've been debating on the ignition system for my 3L turbo build. Here is everything I have... MSD DIS-4 ignition box Accel Super coil pack OEM Ford coil pack Taylor Thundervolt 8.2mm wires full set of COP units off of a 2005 Escape Which route should I take? Standard coil pack with plug wires or COP? I've been told that COP may not be up to the challenge with the 3L turbo, but I don't understand how that would be the case. Any thoughts, comments?
  16. They have track pans that many of them run. However the standard offering comes with the OEM Ford 3.0L pan IIRC.
  17. Terry so would the oil pump from the late model VVT 3L's bolt to the earlier version, say 2005 3L? My understanding was the short block was virtually the same with the modifications being in the heads. I'm assuming that an increase in the volume of oil flow would be benefical to a T/C 3L. Also I heard back from your friend Hoover, here is what he had to say... --------------- Mike, You will need to add a turbo restrictor if the turbo is ball bearing. you will also need a "turbo" air/oil separator. the standard catch cans don't work at all for turbo applications. the nobl
  18. Thanks Terry. I'll try and get a hold of Hoover and get some information on that catch can. I also plan to use the PCV system from the 05 Excape engine.
  19. Terry can you send me the contact information for your buddy Hoover? I'd like to see if he could sell me one of those oil catch cans that are used on the Noble cars.
  20. Ever since I bought my SVT with a blown engine and replaced it with another SVT engine with 43k on it, I've run 6qts of oil. Ford specs 5.8qts of oil. I have found that 6qts puts the mark on the dipstick right at or just below the max line. I'm willing to bet that most people that have had these oil stravation issues didn't put enough oil in it in the first place (maybe only 5 qts) or their car had high miles and burned oil, enough to drop the oil pressure. Running anything more then 6qts seems ridiculous. Unless of course you are running a remote filter with a MUCH larger filter that dri
  21. Nice work. So whats the status on this? Did you get final pricing for your components? I'm quite interested in doing this upgrade on my SVT.
  22. Well since my last post was deleted apparently... Here is my additional post for the year.
  23. It says on the sheet what kind of dyno it was, dyno dynamics dynamometer. I made a post in the other thread, but there were a lot of other cars running that day too and they where putting down reasonable numbers if not less then what they were expecting. My friends CSVT put down 166whp on his NA pull (he has nitrous on his car). Only difference between his car and mine (besides the nitrous) is that he doesn't have a LSD, he has a different brand cat-back and is running a short ram open element intake. Also he is using the WR y-pipe were as I am using the stock SVT one.
  24. The dyno was a Dyno Dynamics Dynamometer. I have a bunch of mods, but the only ones that should matter are these: WR headers Borla Cat-back exhaust Torsen T2 LSD Bosch +4 plugs Taylor Thunder Volt 8.2mm wires updated MTX-75 (shift forks, shift tower) Everything else drivetrain wise is stock. I run 6 qts of Mobil 1 5000, I clean the UIM/LIM once a year. I run seafoam in my gas, oil and intake to keep everything clean. Other then that yea I don't know. My friends CSVT with nitrous did one run N/A and put down 166 whp. A lot of cars ran that day (it was a dyno day) and ev
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