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  1. Hello. My boyfriend somehow snapped the cable to the hood and so now we can not figure out how to open the hood without damaging it. I have a body kit on it so that might help, he might be able to get on the ground and open the latch from the inside because there isnt any blockage with the kit but if that doesnt work does anyone have any other ideas? thanks
  2. i actually lowered the price on ebay. the bidding starts out at $1,000 with a reserve of $1500 and a buy it now for $2000. i will ship the car but the buyer is req'd to pay for it (usually $500) if anyone knows someone. thanks
  3. my friend took out the head and checked it out, and he said no crack and its ok, im not in a rush to get rid of it, i have taken it to 4 mechanics and they cant figure it out, its a shame but whoever wants the car for a project should be able to figure it out and be happy with it.
  4. the buldge did not go away after replacing the head gasket, i still have the car but i honestly dont know what to do with it. the fan is not turning on now. the last time i heard was that the fluid is not circulating through the coolant system, the radiator was checked, the water pump was replaced, the therm stat was replaced (by two different people), it seems the last time i looked at it while it was running, the fluid is trying to escape through any opening possible in any of the coolant hoses, it seems as if it has nowhere else to go. i am not a mechanic by any means, i have learned alot but not enough to fix the problem
  5. Hello. Well, the past 4 months have been long and hard for me. Because i can not figure out why my car is overheating, I am selling it. I know there must be someone here that can do something with it. I listed it on ebay, the auction ends on sunday 4/13. I think it would be great for a project car for someone who wants to rice it out (even more so then me). The rims and wing will not be included. Check it out and help me out! I'm sad to go because I really enjoyed being a part of fordcontour.org. I have learned so much about my mystique, even though I cant figure out what the problem Im having. I will be ending my venture here in the next week or so. Until then.......
  6. i live in baltimore, maryland USA, is there a way you can find out the cost of shipment. i believe it would have to be shipped on pallets ??? thanks
  7. The guy that is looking at it said is def not the rad, tomorrow morning he is going to take the water pump off. I'll ask him about the coolant flowing when I see him in the am. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the reply.
  8. i think it looks great! im getting a carbon fiber vented hood myself next month. you can get them on ebay for about $450 (includes shipping) brand new. I really like the look on the headlights, I would of never thought of that. good job! And the other guy is right, now you need to get the trunk. I was thinking about the trunk but I have a carbon fiber wing on mine and if i were to get the trunk I wouldnt be able to use the wing. Oh, and if you do want to get the trunk they sell the hood and trunk together as well on ebay (depends when you're looking). I like your gauges, was it hard to hook up to read correctly?
  9. Thank you Terry. The head/block was checked for flatness/distortion, if this doesnt work, we are going to put another 2.0 Zetec in this weekend. The guy that is working on it (in his own time) said he checked the head/block, he also said he belched the cooling system but my boyfriend said that it took more than once to belch his car. By now I know you know that Im the person having trouble because my car is overheating and we cant figure out why, right? We are about to give up but I put too much money and work in my car just to sell it or get rid of it. When it first overheated we replaced the water pump right away, but obviously that wasnt the problem. It kep overheating after that. We eventually replaced the head gasket and that fixed the misfiring and runs beautifully now but it didnt fix the overheating. So now, we're thinking maybe because the car kept overheating the water pump went again. Maybe the impellers burnt in the water pump? The radiator is good my friend said. He said he is sure its not that. But let me ask you something else. The hose that goes from the radiator to the block, it swells, is this normal? I would appreciate your response. I have a car show to attend June 7th and I'm afraid Im not going to make it.
  10. Ok, we replaced the head gasket and still overheating, we're thinking that the cooling system isnt belched right, can you tell me how to do this the proper way? I appreciate it. Thanks
  11. so, is there anything wrong with with your tour that you want to sell?
  12. well, i hope youre not in for a long as_ ride like me. mine did the same thing, i changed the therm, sending unit, and the gauge itsself because the temp gauge never worked, heat went then overheated. replaced sensors, then water pump, then head gasket then the head......still overheating (now its been not on the road since mid-dec). checked all hoses, thought maybe it was the rad but its seems to be ok, friend said top hose to the block from rad is swelling so we are going to try that next...i guess. friend thinks its the block....so what are we doing 4 months later....putting a whole fuc_ing motor in. now ask me if we are going to put the same motor in....dont know want to upgrade.. got much money in the car and WILL NOT just get rid of it, i will now keep it and see what happens......as usual GOOD LUCK! (sincerely)
  13. i think your best bet is to find it in a junk yard off another mystique
  14. you'll have to excuse me but are you referring to the sping, coil springs? im still learning about my car (all cars) so forgive me if its a stupid question. i know where to find them if you are talking about coil springs
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