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  1. All it needed was some greese on the sway bar bushings and the noise stoped. I feel stupid .... lol thanx guys for your input T
  2. gotcontour

    1998 SVT in NYC

    My SVT with 8" MTX custom sub install
  3. Im having a little trouble with my suspension upgrade and im wondring if someone had some input. I've upgraded my suspention to BAT struts, eibach springs and BAT 21mm rear sway bar w/ bushings and now im hearing a weird noice from the rear, mainly on the driver side. It sounds like metal rubbing on rubber when the car goes over dips and bumps on the road. I put the bar in first and heard nothing, then i did the rest a week later, thats when the noise started. I never had this noise prior and i've own the car for the past 2 years. I don't know if it matters but the car is a 1998.5 CSVT with 47K. Please help
  4. I have two questions about where and how to connect the a/f gauge and i hope someone can help. First, which o2 sensor is best to use (front or the one on the y-pipe)? Second, which of the four wires to connect to? by the way, i have a '98 SVT. thanx
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