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  1. CJ Bouma

    SORC update

    Good Luck Rob!
  2. CJ Bouma

    SORC update

    Looking forward to the dyno Rob.
  3. Awesome Rob, keep us up to date. Still bummed I can't get out there.
  4. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 31 March 2008 - 09:27 PM Owner: CJ Bouma Short Description: Saleen Contour Concept built by Saleen as a prototype for potential production. Although billed as a 1999 the car is actually build #0013 from 1998. View Vehicle
  5. Name: Ford Contour SVT (2000) Date Added: 30 June 2007 - 01:02 AM Owner: CJ Bouma Short Description: Sold July 2006, Showroom condition Contour SVT. What the heck was I thinking? Only mods were Eibach springs and door guards removed. The car was probably the lowest mileage CSVT left in the country... View Vehicle
  6. Name: Ford Contour SVT (1998) Date Added: 27 June 2007 - 09:44 PM Owner: CJ Bouma Short Description: Ford Contour SVT Bondurant Instructor Vehicle #4 out of 5 prepped by ROUSH. Sold in December of 2007. View Vehicle
  7. Will these work? http://www.performanceplustire.com/products/wheels/?searchType=searchBySize&size=15x3.5&boltPattern=4x108&offset=Low&finish=ALL+FINISHES&submit=Submit&manufacturerID[]=159#prodAnchor
  8. Would it be possible to get more of the video up? Thanks Dom!
  9. Awesome to see and hear the car flying down the road.
  10. Tyler-I'd be interested in seeing the outcomes of the various changes you make on your car. Keep us posted, I have no clue what is feasible and what isn't on the engines but seeing how the actual numbers vary as the modifications change would be of benefit. CJ
  11. #13 SVT and a sold Bondurant, what a collection you have/had!!!

  12. Wow you actually owned one of the Bondurant SVTs impressive.Nice pics!

  13. I think my favorite is J2's Bondurant car. It has so many things done to it, it's amazing. Love BrApple's blue car
  14. Thanks for all of the notes guys. The lower supports on the rear spoiler along with the black ends are carbon fiber. The upper supports are fiberglass. I think they used the balck CF to set off the CF on the lower bodykit. I think the wheels are custom Saleen one-offs.
  15. I would like to see it look and drive the way it did when new...before they blew the first motor.
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