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    I'm recently retired from the USAR, and I work for the Post Office (Yup, just a government drone) as an electronic tech. <br /><br />This is my second CDW27, the first was a 'tour. Hopefully the V-6 will transform into a 3.0L next year.

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  1. gone postal


    Funny this should come up, I had to take the UIM off on my 'styique this weekend, and when I pulled the throttle body the EGR passages were blocked solid. Amazing how much crap can build up in there.
  2. gone postal

    Choices for President?

    Who in hell said Jet fuel vaporized metal? I though the 9/11 conspiracy theories had finally been shot to pieces, but oh well. My choice? None of the above. There's no one left in the race who I'd trust farther than I can spit a rat.........and first you'd have to get the rat in my mouth.
  3. gone postal

    Ford Sales!!!

    What really irritates me about the product is that my family has had F-series and Ranger trucks for decades, with no problems until the 2001 and 2004 trucks . My dad and I bought 2004's a few weeks apart. I had problems with brakes and emissions, the next week his had similar problems, both trucks were under 40K miles, and neither truck was covered by the warranty, according to two separate dealerships. Problem parts on mine? Rotors (bad castings, they were shedding cast iron in layers), rear axle seals, rear axle bearings, front caliper (Leaking seal), O2 sensors, and I had to pay to have the damned computer reflashed. The only difference on my dad's truck was that he didn't have axle seal problems. The first new Ford I bought was a great car, and Ford actually backed their product. Now you're screwed the second you drive it off of the lot.
  4. gone postal

    Ford Sales!!!

    When you sell poor quality vehicles (One F-150 lemon, shiz happens, 2 in a row? There's an issue), screw your customers (Warranty? no, those are wear items (First time I've ever heard a (*&@#!$^)*@! Caliper called a wear item), and charge an arm and a leg for what you're selling, sales are going to tend to suffer. The last FoMoCo products I'll ever buy are the ones sitting in the driveway.
  5. gone postal


    Adam, I couldn't agree with you more. My daughter is in first grade, and I find myself correcting papers that the teacher sends home with no corrections and a smiley face. Nothing pisses me off more than having to do a teacher's job when my taxes are paying that teacher 60K/year. I've been teaching her column addition, and it pisses me off when the teacher is teaching them math in "number sentences". Spelling is optional, as long as you can recognise the word as the word it's supposed to be. She's reading far, far above her level, sounding out words based on the spelling, but evidently the teacher hasn't introduced them to a basic book.....a dictionary. No comments/notes home from the teacher, but the teacher is grading her as a 2 on a scale of 1-4 in several areas........you think parents might want to know if the child is having difficulty with something BEFORE the report card comes out? I enjoy doing my job, and get irritated when I screw something up and someone else has to fix it. Evidently that work ethic doesn't exist in education. Terry, One of the best teachers I ever had was my history teacher in high school. He didn't give a damn what the exact date of an event was, but you damned well better be able to explain why the event was important, why you thought it developed as it did, and you had to be able to back up your arguments with facts and references. If you could make a logical argument and back up your opinion, you got an "A". If you could parrot PRECISELY who what and when, but couldn't come up with a reasonable why, you failed.
  6. gone postal

    Its been a month and $1000

    Glad to hear you're back on track, and happy to have been able to help.
  7. gone postal

    Its been a month and $1000

    I think I have a headgasket and bolts for a Zetec laying around.
  8. gone postal

    Alternative Timing Systems

    IIRC, there is a section in the FIA rulebook stating that pistons must be circular. Because of issues we discussed in the COP thread, I firmly believe that the camless timing set from siemens is the way to go. Fewer mechanical failure points, and more precise control can be achieved, as you can literally time each valve individually.
  9. gone postal

    Big suprise....

    Thankss, Dom. I knew it was either siemens or bosch, couldn't remember which.
  10. gone postal

    Big suprise....

    It COULD be done with motors, but it would be a bulky, kludgy setup more fit for installation in a pickup (plenty of engine compartment space) than the 'tour. I can think of a couple motors I work with that could handle the RPM requirements, ramp up and velocity adjustments, but they weigh 15+ lbs each minus the controller and tach setup. The other issue with them would be the cost (about $2500 for the motors and controllers. Pac Sci builds great equipment, but it ain't cheap) I wish I could remember who did the solenoid actuated valvetrain, because it was a beautiful (if unreliable) setup. For some reason Bosch comes to mind.
  11. gone postal

    Big suprise....

    The problem isn't the communications. The problem is getting the kind of clean power INTO the VFD you need to generate the kind of precision control that a setup like that would require. That's where the noise factor come in in the engine compartment. VFD's are not the most forgiving devices in the worlds when it comes to power and noise. The setup would also be heavy. Precision drive motors aren't light. I think solenoid control would be a better solution. Timing the valves would be easier, it would be completely solid state up until you got to the valve actuators.
  12. gone postal

    Big suprise....

    My concern with a setup like this would be the VFD. VFDs require clean power, and aren't the most resilient systems. An engine compartment is a VERY noisy and hostile place, electronically speaking. VFD's also have a lag time between call for adjust and adjust. You would have to go with a drive by wire system instead of a mechanical throttle linkage.
  13. gone postal

    Big suprise....

    This setup doesn't need a flux capacitor either! (Though a Mr. Fusion does have possibilities!)
  14. gone postal

    Big suprise....

    IIRC, there have been some pretty outrageous speeds achieved by solenoid actuated valves, the problems come in with longevity and power requirements. The above article quotes 2KW as the power requirement for the system.
  15. gone postal

    Big suprise....

    The last prototype of electronic valve actuators I saw was a solenoid setup, with separate solenoids for each valve. The problem with solenoids in an application like that is heat, heat, heat, and heat. It also makes a fairly large package. The article here http://www.emotionreports.com/industry_ana...tatus_quo2.html also says there is a noise and power requirement problem.

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